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May 10, 2005

Naval, Libirian, and Segui Rule ABC 3 Man Team

Article by Architect RG de Jesus

Contributed by Arch. Anton Villacorta, UAP

The trio of Tony Naval, Boyet Libiran, and Buddy Segui of Crown Pipes combined for 2275 pinfalls to emerge champion in the 1st leg all events, 3 man team 4 game series scratch 1 group of the Architects Bowling Club held last week at the Green Valley Country Club.

Team Boysen composed of Jeffrey Cham, Darius Sadioa, and Romy Borja came in 2nd with 2166 while the combination of Lito Zubiri, Ric Poblete, and Dante Maglicmot of Westmont Builders settled for 3rd with 2145 pinfalls.

Meanwhile, the weekly tournament sponsored by Boysen Paints and backed by American Standards, Emerald Pipes, Philflex Wires and Cables, Crown Pipes, ABC Phils., www.arkispecs.com, Samitrade Inc, Apo Puyat Vinyl, DN Steel, HCG, Koten Enterprises, Multiline, Unites Pipes, James Hardie, Eurotiles, CPAC Monier, ECO-System Technology, and Rider Hunt Liacor, resumes at 7pm on May 17 with the staging of the 1st leg doubles 1 group with handicap at the Eastwood Bowling Center.
Other supporters of the tournament are Main Hardware, Atlanta, Acecom Builders, Concrete Solutions, Westmont Builders, Northeast Engineering, Interlink Construction, LSM Steel Inc., EFJ Woodworks, AECRETE Panel System, Manila Colors, Global Brands, Summa Kumagai, Hi Cool Engineering Corporation and AAlborg White.