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March 22, 2005

del Rosario Rules ABC Monthly Singles

Contributed by Architects Bowling Club

Group 1 ace Nepthy del Rosario of Boysen Paints registered an average of 213 pinfalls to win the 6-game monthly singles championship event of the Architects Bowling Club held last Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at the Green Valley Country Club. Bert Magsakay of Atlanta and Buddy Segui of Multiline won the 1st and 2nd runner- up honors respectively.

Group 2 champion Lito Zubiru of Apo Puyat Vinyl likewise burned the lanes with a 202 average, followed by Johnson Villanueva of Crown Pipes and Boy Roldan of Global Brands in that order.

Romy Borja of EFJ Woodworks turned in a respectable average of 186 to rule Group 3 while Greg Mare of Westmont Builders and Jun Bonifacio of Boysen Paints trailed behind.

Meanwhile, the weekly tournament, backed by American Standard, Emerald Pipes, Philflex Wires and Cables, Crown Pipes, ABC Phils., www.arkipecs.com, Samitrade Inc., Apo Puyat Vinyl, DN Steel, HCG, Koten Enterprises, Multiline, Unitec Pipe, James Hardie, Eurotiles, CPAC Monier, ECO-System Technology and Rider Hunt Liacor, resumes at 7 pm on March 29, 2005 with the staging of the 1st quarterly 8-game singles championship event.

Other supporters of the tournament are main Hardware, Atlanta, Acecom Builders, Concrete Solutions, Westmont Builders, Northeast Engineering , Interlink construction, LSM Steel Inc., EFJ Woodworks, AECRETE Panel System, Manila Colors, Global Brands, Summa Kumagai, Hi-Cool Engineering Corporation and AAlborg White.

www.arkispecs.com is the official internet home of the Architects Bowling Club.

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