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September 11, 2004

UAP Metro Holds Badminton Invitationals

Courtesy of Archt. Jinky Gannaban

September 11, 2004 was a day to remember... No! Not because it was the 3rd Anniversay of the terrorist attack in the United States, but it was D-Day, the day when all roads lead to the Olympic Badminton Center in Libis, Quezon City for the 1st UAP Manila-Metro Chapter Invitational Badminton Cup.

The event was a smashing success! With the concerted efforts of our organizers from Metro Chapter, led by our Chapter President, Archt. Joenel Kho,Archt. Albert Reyes, Acht. Kenneth Chua, Archt. Mary Anne Gannaban,Archt. Geofrey Yu, and with the assistance from Archt. Tinchi Sy, Archt. Danny Tan ko, and Archt. Marlon reyes, together with the generous support of our major sponsors, namely: Charter Chemical & Coating Corpoation (makers of Davies Paints), Emerald Vinyl Corporation (makers of pvc pipes, doors, & windows), and Kuysen Enterprises Incorporated (dealerds of Bathroom and kitchen equipments), and their respective compnay representatives who also participated in the one-day tournament.

It was a well participated and well-attended affair, with 100 participants from different UAP chapters, some even coming from provinces such as Bulacan and Tarlac. Other architects, while not competing, still came just to watch the tournament and cheer for their friends.

This undertaking was planned as early as July, as the chapter was well aware of the increasing popularity of badminton not only among architects but throughout the country as a whole. The month of August saw the beginning of registrations for participants and leveling games to determine what level a player would fall in.There were four levels in all-levels A, B, C, and D, with level A as the highestand level D as the lowest. The tournamnet set-up would be mixed-doubles.

On the game itself, registration bagen at 8:00 in the morning, as participants and spectators began flocking to the olympic Badminton Center. Breakfast was provided by our sponsors, while group classification t-shirts were given to the participants for the 4 group levels in color codes: Red for level A; blue for level B; green for level C; and yellow for level D. The games were underway shortly after 9:00 am.

The games were temporarily halted after 10:00 am to give way to the short opening ceremonies. The invocation was lead by Archt. Ogie Leppago, the singing of the national anthem by Archt. Albet Reyes, and the opening remarks by Archt. Jeonel Kho. The ceremonies were hosted by Archt. Kenneth Chua.

After the ceremonies, the games resumed again. It was non-stop from thereon, all throughout the afternoon, with players only pausing for lunch, snacks, or a short rest.The games were much intensified late in the afternoon through the early evening as the semifinal matches began, folllowed by the finals for the 4 group levels, which was followed closely by those who stayed behind and those who stayed in the tournamnet all day. All matches were over shortly after 8:00 pm as the 4group champions emerged.This was followed immediately by the raffle, awarding, and closing ceremonies. All players who didn't win but stayed behind were assured of raffle prizes such as bags, wallets, caps, shuttlecockc, etc. while big prizes were granted to the 2nd runner-ups, 1st runner-ups, and champions of each of the 4 levels, 23 individuals all-in-all.

Medals and rackets were given to the 2nd runner-ups, whereas medals plus dvd layers were granted to the 1st runner-ups. Aside form the medals,the champions were awarded with the top prize of their choice either a vacation trip to Hongkong or Bangkok.

The raffle and awarding ceremonies were hosted by the organizers from UAP Manila-Metro Chapter with help from representatives from our major sponsors. Closing remarks was presented by Archt. Joenel Kho.

Truly, it was a memorable D-Day! A day of camaraderies, sportsmanship, andnon-stop badminton action we surely enjoyed.