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January 26, 2004

AGC Tees Off at Sherwood Hills for Start of 2004

by AGC Chip Shots

Sherwood Hills played host to the start of the AGC monthly games. January 26 saw the players braving the early morning chill made harsh by the accompanying strong blasts of wind. The chill of the air, in fact, helped alleviate the sun's determined rise - hot and indicative of the coming sweltering summer months. It was Sherwood Hills the way we knew it.

Obviously recharged by the long holiday, Paul Henry De Dios played the best day for group 1, a gross 84 that was a net 73 with his competitive handicap of 12. Both with a net of 79, runner-up place was tightly contested, and settled by a count back that saw Hannu Virtanen pulling ahead of Jun Fojas.

Manny De Guzman enjoyed a sweet victory with a net 75, followed by Tito Colet who turned in a net 76, and by Tristan Calixto whose net 79 completed the winners' list for group II.

Starting the year right, Cesar Lim dominated Group III with his net 75. Benny Velasco's net 76 and Sonny Esguerra's net 77 ended up 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively.

Mon Ajero's winning streak, a net 74, made him Group IV champ. Perdie finished next with a net 76, followed Hubert Agcamaran who posted a net 79.

Equally welcome is the championship feat of Joy arcenas (net 67) for Group V. Completing the winners are Boni Embuscado, net 70, and Mike Tomeldan, net 74.

The day was capped with the customary fellowship and the anticipated raffle of prizes. And the biggest winner and most happy to head back home with a brand new 21" color TV? Mon Ajero. Again? Now, THAT, is pure luck.