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August 14, 2010

ABF Joins OWOW Advocacy

Contributed by Arch. Rex Tamase, BS Architecture

The Architects’ Badminton Federation has joined the One Wall One World Initiative, an advocacy project of Pacific Paints (Boysen) Philippines, the Clean Air Initiative- Asia (CAI-Asia), Partnership for Clean Air (PCA), World Wildlife Fund Philippines (WWF) and the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP).

“Armed with the air cleaning technology found in Boysen KNOxOUT that’s been proven to purify noxious gasses such as NOx (nitrous oxides) and PM (particulate matter), Filipinos are encouraged to take part in cleaning the noxious air of Manila – one wall at a time.”

ABF officers and members began painting the exterior walls of its “home” - the Centro Courts in Quezon City.

The painting rites were held in conjunction with ABF’s 8th Annual Invitational Tournament, held in celebration of the organization’s 7th Founding Anniversary. Mr. Johnson Ongking, vice president of Boysen Paints, Arch. Luigi Bernardo and Mr. Luigi Abad Santos, co-owners of Centro Atletico, attended the activity.

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