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April 22, 2010

CPD Seminars Highlight 36th UAP National Convention

Contributed by Arch. Rex Tamase, BS Architecture

Twenty seven Continuing Professional Seminars highlighted the recently-held 36th National Convention of the United Architects of the Philippines, with both Filipino and foreign resource persons sharing their knowledge and experiences to the Convention’s delegates.

Most of the seminars were on green architecture, which was in line with the Convention’s theme “UAP at the Forefront of Green Building & Sustainability.” These seminars were: “Green Walls + Green Roofs: Vegetating the Building Envelope” by Arch. Grace Edralin-Servino; “Evaluation of Selected Philippine Native Trees and Shrubs for Landscape Design Use” by Arch. Patrick Andrew Gozon; “The Genuinely Green Neighborhood – An Ecology-Oriented Approach to Urban Development” by Arch. Nathaniel Von Einsiedel.

“Continuous Green – Emerging Possibilities in Ecological Architecture” by Arch. Mitch Gelber; “Greening the UAP Building: Presentation of Workshop Outputs” by the Green Architecture Movement; “Developing an Architect-Initiated Green Building Rating System” by Arch. Amado De Jesus, Jr.; “Green Building Practices in San Francisco” by Arch. Joseph Palafox; “Alternative Energy by Dr. Phares Parayno, Ph.D.; Planning & Design for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle” by Ms. Lilia G.C. Casanova; “California Green: Seen & Unseen” by Arch. William Higgins; “The MIMAROPA Regional Development Plan” by Mr. Sixto Tolentino of the DENR; “Resilient Infrastructures for Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness” by Mr. Emmanuel De Guzman of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction; “Illumination” by Mr. Matthew Cobham; and “Appreciating Green Architecture Through Photography” by Arch. Carlos Romulo Cruz.

Arch. Cathy Saldaña also spoke on “Branding and Marketing for Architects (Business Development for Sustainable Design)” while Mr. Francis Kong talked on “Managing Perspective for Success.” Arch. Dino Delotavo presented “Manila Plan of 1905: Sources and Influences That Made the City Beautiful by Daniel Burnham,” a research paper written by the late Dr. Joshua Roxas.

The UAP Documents on professional practice were also discussed in various seminars. Arch. Angeline Chua Chiaco spoke on “The Anatomy of An Unethical Act”; Arch. Leah Martin talked on the “Selection of the Architect and Methods of Compensation.” “Standards of Professional Practice on Design Services” was discussed by Arch. Prosperidad Luis; “Design-Build Services” by Arch. Edilberto Florentino; “Construction Services” by Arch. Michael Ang; “Post-Construction Services” by Arch. George Salvan; “Comprehensive Services by Arch. Armin Sarthou; “Pre-Design Services” and “Standard Guidelines on Consulting Services” by Arch. Norberto Nuke; “National Competition Code in Architecture” by Arch. Michael Guerrero; and “Specialized Architectural Services” by Arch. Maria Cristina Turalba.