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April 25, 2009

APEC Project Monitoring Committees Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Contributed by Arch. Rex Tamase, BS Architecture

On April 25, 2009, the APEC Architects Project Monitoring Committees of Chinese Taipei and the Philippines signed a Memorandum of Understanding, an agreement which aims for a better understanding of the culture and vision of the two nations. The MOU gives Filipino architects better opportunities to practice in Taipei; it also calls for the establishment of common grounds for the cultivation and expansion of Philippine and Chinese Taipei Architecture. The MOU was signed by Chen Yin-Ho, Chairman of the Project Monitoring Committee, Lien Fu-Hsin and Chen Ching-Li, members of the committee; UAP National President Medeliano Roldan, Ar. Armando Alli, Ar. Yolanda Reyes, and Ar. Edric Marco Florentino.

The APEC Architects Monitoring Committee Secretariat documents and responsibilities were also turned over from Mexico to the Philippines. Mexico held the position from 2007-2008, and it’s now the Philippines’ turn for the years 2009-2010. Secretary General Fernando Moramora handed the documents to Ar. Prosperidad Luis, the next Secretary General. The documents include information and guidelines on timetables and protocols, certificates, and surveys of documents and economies. Ar. Luis accepted expressed her acceptance of the responsibilities and the tasks of the Secretary General, and gave assurance that the committee will do the job effectively and faithfully, in the same manner that Mexico undertook the responsibility.

(Credits: Ms. Grace Santos, UAPSA-MIT)