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July 04, 2009


sustainable house

Contributed by Arch. Michael De Castro, B.S. Architecture

Modern Industrial eco-friendly designed house. Designed, conceptualized, rendered and modeled by: Architect Michael Galang de Castro. Concrete cantilevered terrace floating above the shallow pond and cantilevered bedrooms rooms with overlooking views of the surroundings(adjacent neighborhood and beach fronts) on the west side. The living area, kitchen and dining are located on the east side. It features sun buffers and double glazed heat resistant windows and cast in place concrete finish all throughout the main structure using insulated hollow block core. Main stairs(spiral) located in the middle of the house and reinforced with 12" thick shear walls to support the cantilevers on both sides of the structure. The house has a 360' view of it's surroundings with multiple viewing decks on each split level side. The house uses: Solahart water heating system, “structural cement insulated panel” or “SCIP" on all exterior and interior wall panels, gypsum board acoustic ceiling panels, nano technology used in fabrics(curtains and carpets), split type a/c system for easy maintenance, solar panels above roof deck, water tank above roof deck, reverse osmosis water purifying system, triple chambered waste facility with cesspool filtration system.