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February 11, 2004

EPCO Architectural Hardware Phils.,Inc.

Contributed by EPCO Architectural Hardware Phils.,Inc.

EPCO’s involvement in various landmark projects gave them the experience to assist and provide clients and potential suppliers the right product for the right application. Also, their long-term experience in the Glass and Aluminum industry has resulted in their involvement with the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum, glass and accessories.
Among our products are universal patch fittings, patented shower hinge and door closer control systems. We also have different door systems of various functions with sophisticated designs that can meet present and future aesthetic demands. We are also proud of EPCO Spider System that is a complete solution to glass suspension technology. It does not only provide minimalist effect on glass suspensions but also ensures rigidity and flexibility between glasses and support connections. The Spider System is supported by articulated bolts that reduce stresses on glass during movements or vibrations. There are more products available at our company and it is our pleasure to discuss those with you in the future.