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January 28, 2009

UAP South Triangle Chapter Holds GMM

Contributed by Arch. Rex Tamase, BS Architecture

The UAP South Triangle Chapter held its General Membership Meeting on January 28, 2009 at Alex III Restaurant along Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City.

Chapter President Ar. Noel Del Rosario invited the members to attend the Area A Assembly to be held on February 20 and 21 in Subic.

Guest speaker Ar. Mon Mendoza, UAP NEVP spoke on leadership and parliamentary procedure in effectively conducting meetings.

Ar. Mendoza enumerated the types of leadership as autocratic, democratic, and complaisant. He explained that an autocratic leader is a one-way communicator who keeps information close to his chest; shows little trust in his followers; and emphasizes strict control and adherence to procedure. In contrast, a complaisant leader listens more than he speaks; has implicit trust in his followers and believes that people are self-motivated and do not need encouragement. A democratic leader is a two-way communicator who is flexible and is open to the feelings of the group; he trusts his followers and motivates with recognition and praise. The best type of a leader, however, is one who combines all three traits, adopting the best one depending on the needs, attitude and problems of the group; the group itself; and the situation.

Ar. Mendoza said that the advantages of parliamentary procedure, otherwise known as Roberts’ Rules of Order, are orderly meetings, opportunities for all to be heard, and decisions by the majority while at the same time protecting the minority.

In parliamentary procedure, everything on the agenda is taken up one at a time and in its proper order, and is disposed of before proceeding to the next item on the agenda.

Discussions are started with a “motion” by a member. A motion must be “seconded” for it to be “brought” into the assembly. Discussion of the motion is then conducted, and “amendments” may be brought up as necessary; the amendment is then discussed. Ar. Mendoza noted that only two (2) amendments to a motion may be brought up.

The motion (as amended if necessary) is then brought up for approval.

After Ar. Mendoza’s talk, the winners of the South Triangle Chapter’s photography contest “Nude Architecture” were acknowledged.

Ar. Rex Tamase’s entry, “Crisologo Street at Dusk” won first place; Ar. Wenceslao Bongat’s “Shipwreck” placed second; Ar. Jay Ruiz’s “No Clothing” placed third.