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November 08, 2008

UAP South Triangle Chapter Photography Seminar

Contributed by Arch. Rex Tamase, BS Architecture

The UAP South Triangle Chapter held its first seminar on architectural photography on November 0, 2008 at the Teatro Arkitekto in the UAP HQ.

Mr. Paolo Alcazaren, a landscape architect and editor of BluPrint Magazine, shared tips and tricks on photographing the interiors and exteriors of structures. He explained that in interior shots, the camera’s sensor may get confused when both artificial and natural lights are present. He suggested that if possible, drapes or window coverings be drawn and use interior light only.

He said that “perspective distortion” – where vertical lines appear to meet at a “vanishing point” – can be avoided by not pointing the camera upwards. Bubble spirit levels, which can be attached to the camera’s hot shoe, aid the photographer in making sure the lens is in a horizontal position.

Among the equipment he uses are tripods and/or monopods, wide angle lenses, and remote shutter release for slow shutter speeds. In the absence of a remote shutter release, the camera’s timer may be used to prevent camera shake.

He also recommends taking both daytime and nighttime shots.

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