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It's a great honor to greet all Architects and friends of UAP District B-1 a wonderful day in the season of giving. Giving means loving, sharing and understanding. As we now launch our District's Website through the efforts of arkispecs.com, we can now be reached on-line and have an opportunity to expand our knowledge in cyber-information. Our District is now committed to upgrade our skills and develop our tools that will enhance our cyber-productivity. With the creation of our district's home on the internet, we are able to establish a real presence not only in the cyber-community of arkispecs.com, but on the Internet as a whole as well. I, enjoin everybody to support arkispecs.com by using the website. Sign-in on the message boards, invite your suppliers to enlist in the specs-library, share CAD drawings and vicinity maps to the data-cooperative, contribute to the photo-galleries, activate an arkispecs email address, share jokes in the humor forum, interact with the sponsors, or simply visit the site regularly. In light of the website's valuable contributions to our profession, I extend my personal invitation to our supportive suppliers to advertise in arkispecs.com. Banner ads in the website would not only acknowledge a company's generous contribution in making this web-service a sustainable reality, but would also open channels for electronic interaction and potential business with its users. My heartfelt thanks to arkispecs.com for giving us, our District, a useful home on the internet. And I hope everybody could love, share and understand the gift or giving, the gift of arkispecs.com. Truly yours, Arch. Roger T. Ong UAP District B1 Director 2002-2003

Arch. Roger T. Ong
Manila, Philippines

In today's rapid changing world, it is indeed timely that arkispecs.com has come into view to unite both Architecture and the Information Technology to be of service to humanity. We at Archizonian Chapter would like to congratulate Arch. Jericho Adriano and to all those who gave greatly contributed for the creation and success of Arkispecs. It is with great honor and gratitude that Archizonian is part of this new innovation. Arkispecs is the answer to the need of the Filipino Architects to flow with the constant changes of life, to express their creativity, the need for dynamism in the workplace and to remain highly competitive in the global arena. Our role as Architects may well defined as we become resilient in this changing times by being part of Arkispecs and move on to fulfill our purpose as Filipino Architects of the new millennium. Construction. Creativity. Dynamism. Service. Success. Expression of the Human Spirit. This is the Spirit of Architecture at its best. It is also the perfect expression of life in its most perfect and meaningful form. With deep pride and gratitude, we thank Arkispecs for their generosity and positive endeavor. Congratulations and Mabuhay to all of us. Arch. Domingo C. Salonga Jr. President Archizonian Chapter 2002-2003

Arch. Domingo C. Salonga Jr.
Manila, Philippines

We request to join your web site, HOW? Pls. Email Us at city_trade@yahoo.com, We have Imported Veneer Door & Wooden Patio Floor Product, AND We are direct distributor, thank for advance and god bless

City Trade
Quezon City, Philippines

Hi Jericho, Before anything else, i would like to congratulate you for this challenging endeavor. I know this is quite an undertaking and I pray that it will even grow bigger than expected. Also, I would like to thank you for paying me a visit here at our Makati office (7th of July, 2004). I hope that we will be able to collaborate on either big or small projects in the future. My support is yours! Keep it up and God Bless...

Jun Abad
Manila, Philippines

from now on, i will always visit the site.this really informative and at the same time pastime with full of enjoyment.really my first time.thanks i attended our anniversary-sampaloc chapter

Arch.manny Rejano

It's nonsense for me to give any comments, but rather I shall say the site is obsolutely pro-active contributions for us in the field of construction and design profession. In behalf of my Partners in KLASSE’ Design and Construction and associates we salute those who are behind these project.

Ron Sacueza
Tarlac City, Philippines

hope someday we'll be able to fully share, collaborate our expertise on line towards a common goal; the upliftment of the profession and better services to our client. We'll make this a reality not a dream.

Arch. Joey C. Cleofe Uap-rmp
Legaspi, Philippines

To Arkispecs, Congratulations for a very informative website for architects. Its very nice to know that at last there is an online resource for us filipino architects, Its very helpful to the young and starting architects like me to further their professionalism and help promote the practice. Continue to add more articles to guide the starting architects in every aspect of the profession. Congratulations once again. Arch. Martin Tejada

Martin Jacob T. Tejada
Parañaque City, Philippines

Jerich ok ka talaga! by the way to all those Architects who want to join the Architects Billiards Association just look at our website , Jerich lumalaki na ang ABA! and we want to thank you for your support to our group! Kindly spread the good news and achievements of ABA to those interested, see you BRO!

Arch. Jhin Tabuzo Jr.

I really like your website. Congrats to the people who workin out to make it as a best webpage! I'm being inform with what's new in the architectural industry. Thanks and more power! God Bless...

Red Speburg
Pasig, Philippines

Very nice work...hopefully, it would bring together all the resources of Filipino architects everywhere...Great Job!!!

Arch. Rennie Mendoza
Chicago, IL USA

This is a great website--very informative and helpful. Will try to give more contributions to it myself. Congrats Jericho!

Arch. Mae Heredia
Makati City,, Philippines

BAI. The site has improved a lot since my last visit. Congratulations again. Roy

Arch. Roy Philip Arriola
Cebu City, Philippines

You have a very informative web page. Congratulations!

Imee Y. Marquez
Pasig City, Philippines

so many things to see, so little time!!! way to go, jericho! hehe

Jean Cornejo
Manila, Philippines

Its really helpfull for the Architectural Organization so just keep it well! TY

Arnaldo S. Marzo
Kalookan, Philippines

Hi! I really love this website because it really helps me source out for materials that I need, right in the comfort of my home Keep up the good work!


great site! i wish the other features may be enabled soon. i definitely think this site will be a very active one once they're all up.

Carlo Quevedo

Job well done. Keep up the good work.

Anna May Timbol

hi..it was great meeting u!! Joan & I are thankful for ur help last Thursday,we look forward to work with you in your projects.will visit you sometime next week. Can we have ur proposal so we can forward it to top management for review.All the best...

Evelyn Rivas
Makati, Philippines

How can we join to advertise with you our products? hope you could tell us more... Thank you and more power to your website.

Mandaluyong, Philippines

keep us updated and congrats for the job well done

San Pablo, Philippines

Congratulations to Archt. Odette Bongato, a true sportsman! From all of us here at Greg Timbol and Asso. and Greg Timbol Interiors.

Anna May Timbol
Quezon City, Philippines

This is my 1st time to visit the site and its very useful. Very easy to browse. Now, i can have a one stop site for my research. Also,i just want to ask how can i join the ABF?

Michael Halagao
Manila, Philippines

Arch. Alexander Hoo, Arch. Raymund Florencio & Arch. Ronald Tabernero. Please contact me, I have projects here Manila. I need ur consultations. My # is 365-4158.

Caloocan, M.m, Philippines

is there a way to forecast the existing estimated cost for materials. I'm a residential and commercial designer since i'm not know connected to a construction firm know for about 3years and not anymore familiar with the consting of constrution materials for the purpose of being aware with the construction materials on construction in building, landscaping and interior designing. hope you will grated the request for these data on estimate. thanks and more power to the website. best regards, --edwin

Edwin Torres
Cavite, Philippines

The site will serve like a link bridge to those who are not in the country at the moment. I feel connected once more with all my colleagues in the Philippines. Great idea, great site...Excellent! Mabrook!

Marceliano M. Pagala
Riyadh Saudi Arabia

i bought a vacant lot in a subdivision close to the beach in Davao City. I'm planning to build a custom home in the future. Do you have a website that features designs and floor plans that I can choose from? Also, can you give me an idea on the cost of construction in sq. ft.? Thank you very much. I appreciate any input.

Christy Conanan
Clovis California

Greetings to all fellow architects! It's so nice to be here and still alive. I hope you all are too.

Eleazar C. Lara
Cebu City, Philippines

Thanks for your encouraging messages! Mike, I'd be more than happy to host your advocacy programs. Just email me the articles you would like to post and I'll have it online for you. Thank you also Arch. Ampiloquio for your kind words. Your endorsement would go a long way for the humble cause of this website. By the way, would any of you care to share your old CAD files of your projects' vicinity maps? I'm thinking about giving out prizes at the end of the year for the best contributors to the data-pool. What do you guys think about this incentive?

Jericho Adriano

just dropping by

Arch. Ramon T. Bacani
San Pablo, Philippines

just want to be updated of the latest activities of the uap. congrats and more power

Arch. Mario A. Bondad
San Pablo, Philippines

just signing in. congrats!

Uap San Pablo
San Pablo, Philippines


Arch.Marlon C. Dumlao
Tugeugarao City, Philippines

hello 2 every1 on line.just dropping by! God bless 2 all.

Arch. Marlon C. Dumlao
Tuguegarao, Philippines


Qc, Philippines

Hello Arch. Ortiz, Gladly! Kindly email me (webmaster@arkispecs.com) the details that you would like to post about your chapter. Perhaps you can include the list of officers, your chapter's history & achievements, photos that you would like to share with others, calendar of GMMs & events, and your own message to your chapter members visiting the website. You will also have your own private message board where you & your members can interactively conduct an online dialogue or discussion. We look forward to having you & your chapter as part of the arkispes cyber-community of Filipino Architects!

Arch. Jericho Adriano
Qc, Philippines

The site is looking good.

Pasig, Philippines

Just checking what's new on your websites, thanks for informing me about the recent UAP B-2 activity.

Alfredo "Boboy" M. Campos
Pasig, Philippines

Enjoyed so much! Found all I needed - thank you for a great website! Keep good work!

Gillian Stype
Montreal, Canada

It's very nice. Keep up the good work.

Mary Joy L. Amigo
San Juan, Manila, Philippines

Hi sir, I am an outgoing nbod of ASAPhil and I truly hope na magawa na po and website namin, we didnt had the chance to work it out but certainly the incoming will work this out, thank you for your support. This is a very good opportunity for the org, since daming mga members na gustong makapaginteract sa ibang members. we wish to invite you po sa national induction ceremonies, I believe it will be on August, but tentative pa po ung date and venue. See you sir. Thanks for all the opportunities. Also, I would like to say hi to all ASAPHILIANS.

Christine R. Espinosa
Mnl, Philippines

Great Idea of Having this kind of Website for Architects ,soon ill be joining your organization. More power to Archt. Adriano !!! Thanks

James Tasarra
Makati City, Philippines

Interesting web site! keep on improving!

Arch. Elmer C. Canlas,uap, Nampap
Toronto, Canada



Great Site. Our Chapter's URL is asia.geocities.com/uap_palanyag/. The site's not updated but I'll let you know as soon as I update it. Our Chapter President for FY 2002-2003 is Arch. Gerry Pagaduan. Thanks,

Arch. Wayne Matthew Jaro, Uap
Paranaque, Philippines

Nice work, Jericho!

Connie Veneracion
Antipolo, Philippines

Jericho, If you are kind enough to include our chapter in Arkispecs. Some information below may be useful. Some members are already using Arkispecs. I'm promoting this to the other members and to other chapters here in Cebu. Temporarily our chapter has this official website which is still under construction: http://uapsugbuchapter. home.ph/index.html. You may add this link. thanks and regards,

Ampiloquio, Ric R.
Cebu, Philippines


Oliver Santos
Qc, Philippines

Hi sir, gud to c d website for us arkis.in behalf of the asaphil national board of directors. my deepest appreciation we benignly gv. tnk u for helping the org to grow more. xpect the asaphil-nbod to grow in ur wbsyt. gud day and God bless!...

William Banna
Pasig City, Philippines

Very impressive, Jericho! Keep up the good work.

Arch. Dan Silvestre
Qc, Philippines

dear jericho: This is a great step- up for the filipino architects.congratulations and kudos to arkispecs.com.

Arch. Nick Balce

What can I say, everyone else has praised you for your work. Congatulations!

Arch. Roy Philip Arriola
Cebu City, Philippines

Thank you Jericho for the IT oppurtunity for Architects. I salute your unselfish dedication to the profession. God Bless You and may your tribe increase.

Arch. Ana M. Ling, FUAP
San Juan, MM, Philippines

Its very good! this is very strong site! thanks for the strong and tough people of JAD + Associates! I hope that i can share something in this site.

Arch. Joven P. Arzaga
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

hello, im a graduating arki stude from mit, its nice to see a website dedicated to filipino architects! and by the way, the cad section is a really nice feature! sana mas madaming cad downloads! :)

Roland Tan
Parañaque, Philippines

Been looking for a website like this. I'll be informing my chapter mates in UAP Sugbu about this resource website. I think UAP National should recognize you for this. Great job!

Ric Ampiloquio
Cebu City, Philippines

I agree with the rest of the guys. it is a great site, jericho. i hope that more suppliers will get wind of it, and in the process make themselves known to the many architects who have discovered the convenience of going online to look for their requirements. keep on working on it. it's just a matter of time now.

Arch. Armin Sarthou
Diliman, QC, Philippines

Bringing together the Philippine building industry on the internet, arkispecs.com is now the home of the largest Filipino architectural & building community on the internet... I have always believed that an architect's greatest pleasure comes in designing a home for himself, and that he is given the greatest honor when he is tasked to build a home for his fellow architect. In creating the arkispecs website, I have had the pleasure of designing an Internet home for myself, yet I've also had the honor of building the cyber-homes of some of the finest architectural clubs & organizations in the country. With our collective cyber-homes clustered in arkispecs.com, we are fast becoming a model cyber-community of building professionals. My home on the internet is your home as well. With utmost pride & pleasure, I welcome you all to OUR home in cyberspace. Welcome & enjoy your stay! -Arch. Jericho Adriano www.arkispecs.com webmaster

Jericho Adriano
Qc, Philippines

Warm greetings and welcome to Makati-CBD's first online information update. This is a timely and progressive complement to a long list of achievements brought about by 19 years of the Chapter's multi-awarded history. With the help of Arkispecs, we are now brought closer to all the members here and abroad, as well as suppliers and potential recruits who wish to know more of the Chapter's roster, history, and current events. All members are likewise invited for their contributions in write-ups, photos, architectural info, and related interests that are of utmost use to the very dynamic group aiming to attain its 5th Best Chapter Award , bringing it to "Hall of Fame" status in the UAP National District Level. In this website, affixed information of the CBD history and directory that make up the latter shall be consistent content. These shall be supplemented by latest activities, personalities involved, members' achievements, as well as proposed and planned interests for everyone to enjoin. We welcome you once again, including your comments, suggestions, and valuable contributions that keep us energized and connected as we keep on going for Five and beyond! Francis "Pankoy" Santaromana Chapter President UAP Makati CBD Chapter 2002-2003

Pankoy Sta. Romana
Makati City, Philippines

Welcome to the website of the Architects Basketball Union (ABU)! The ABU is the newest among the many architects' sports clubs in the country today. Organized in January 2002, the main objective of the club is to enable architects to play basketball regularly in an organized manner. The club's approach in focusing on the individual rather than the team is unique especially for a team sport like basketball. This concept allows an individual architect to join the club and immediately start playing without the pre-requisite of membership to a team. This is suited to the practicing architect as the demands of the profession decrease his opportunities to join a basketball team. To date, around 60 architect-members and sponsor-representatives now play basketball regularly every Saturday at the FEU Gym complete with the luxury of referees and an electronic scoreboard. The pro-active program of the ABU is largely responsible for the success of its maiden season. In just over six months, the club has been able to organize four major tournaments. Just last week, the club concluded the First ABU Invitational, which was held in conjunction with the Nationwide Architecture Week. This busy schedule has attracted the architects: eleven (11) United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) chapters are now represented in the club's membership. However, the ABU is still very much in its formative years. Like all new organizations, the club needs to market itself aggressively so that it may attain its targets for growth and development. On this note, I laud the efforts of Arkispecs.com, under the initiative of its Managing Director, Arch. Jericho Adriano, for making possible the creation of a website for ABU. The website successfully filled a void in the marketing efforts of the club. In this day and age, the Internet serves as the most effective medium for the transfer of data and information. On this note, I encourage all the members and friends of ABU to avail of the arkispecs website services. By so doing, we help arkispecs.com attain its vision of advancement of the Filipino architect and the betterment of his profession. By visiting the site regular on a regular basis, you help improve the marketability of arkispecs.com. I, also, invite all prospective sponsors and suppliers to advertise in arkispecs.com. The ABU website, through arkispecs.com, needs your support to sustain its operation. Once again, thank you to arkispecs.com for being a part of ABU in its maiden year. I look forward to many more years of partnership between ABU and arkispecs. com. Mabuhay! Arch. Oscar F. Molina Vice-President for Tournaments Architects' Basketball Union 2002-2003

Arch. Oscar F. Molina

It is with great pride & pleasure that I welcome you all, my teammates, friends, fellow-architects, and guests to the Architects' Basketball Union website. Through the efforts of arkispecs.com, our club can now establish its home on the Internet and become a proud member of the arkispecs cyber-community. The ABU has always been committed to provide a venue for registered architects to play basketball on a regular basis, and we invite all basketball-crazy architects to join the club and in the fun. Contact or e-mail any of the officers or better yet, just bring your playing gear to the FEU Gym this coming Saturday, 6:00PM. Let us all avail of the arkispecs website services for the advancement of the Filipino Architectural profession and for the betterment of our practice. Sign-in on the message boards, invite your suppliers to enlist in the specs-library, share your CAD drawings to the data-cooperative, contribute to the photo-galleries, activate an arkispecs email address, share jokes in the humor forum, and visit the site regularly. I extend my personal invitation to our supportive suppliers to advertise in arkispecs.com. The ABU website wouldn't be here without the initiative of arkispecs.com, and arkispecs.com wouldn't be possible without the support of the sponsors. Banner ads in the website would not only acknowledge a company's generous contribution in making this web-service a reality, but would also open channels for electronic interaction & potential business with its users. My heartfelt thanks to arkispecs.com for giving our basketball union a useful home on the Internet. To the pioneering sponsors who are contributing in the sustenance of the website, I thank and salute you all. More power to all of us! Mabuhay tayong lahat! Arch. Albert S. Yu President Architects' Basketball Union 2002-2003

Arch. Albert S. Yu

I am most honored to offer my heartiest greetings to all members and officers of the Architects Bowling Club, as your president year 2001-2002. ABC has successfully reached its 25th Silver Anniversary, swirling-up, increasing in number and building better camaraderie between Architects, sponsors and allied professionals and most especially to the bowling community. I am encouraging all architects and sponsors to be a member of this organization, for ABC had proven that bowling is one sport which is really appropriate to our profession. It helps us get closer and create more business opportuinites. We are currently playing every Tuesday, 7:00 pm at Green Valley Bowling Center, Pasig City. All of you are most welcome to join and be a part of the Architects Bowling Club family. I would like to congratulate the Arkispecs.com, a new but extremely important website that offers and provides its service to all Architects and other industry related organizations. Your internet service is a very important step and most advantageous to the Architectural Profession not only in the Philipppines but throughout the cyber world. To all our sponsors, suppliers, and friends a little favor to the www.arkispecs.com, will tremendously make and help build a better Filipino Architectural Community in the internet. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all. Mabuhay and may the Almighty Bless us always!!! Arch. Antonio F. Naval President Architects' Bowling Club 2002-2003

Arch. Antonio F. Naval

This is a time where things are all fast paced.Almost everything is automated. Tiny wires, fiber optics, and satellites bridge distances. Getting connected to the World Wide Web has become a vital tool for every profession. Our profession has evolved from the use of pens and paper to the more sophisticated computers and software applications. Arkispecs.com has become our instrument to bring our profession to the world. This is a major leap for the industry wherein we can ineract and learn more on how to improve and develop our proficiency and skills in our profession. Arkispecs.com has become a valuable commodity to the industry. Now we can communicate in the easiest and fastest means possible. I invite everyone to support Arkispecs.com. Post your photos in the galleries. Send messages to interact with sponsors and colleagues in the industry with the Arkispecs.com e-mail address. In behalf of the United Architects of the Philippines Manila-Metro Chapter, I congratulate our colleagues, sponsors, and friends in the industry who have made this website possible. Congratulations and more power. Arch. Jonathan O. Gan Treasurer UAP Manila-Metro Chapter 2002-2003

Arch. Jonathan O. Gan
Qc, Philippines

It is with great pleasure that I greet the officers and my peer members of the UAP Manila Metro Chapter and all concerned guests as we launch the chapter's website. Through the efforts of arkispecs.com, our chapter now has the opportunity to expand its distinguished presence in the Philippine construction industry by becoming a member of the arkispecs cyber-community and establishing a "home to be proud of" on the Internet. UAP Manila Metro has always been solemnly committed to upgrade the skills and competence of Filipino Architects, to make them stand out among others anywhere in the architectural map of the world. With the establishment of this website, we now have access to a myriad of tools that will enhance our cyber-productivity at work and ultimately strengthen our global competitiveness as design & building professionals. I enjoin my colleagues to support arkispecs.com by using and participating in the website's services. Sign-in on the message boards, invite your suppliers to enlist in the specs-library, share CAD drawings & vicinity maps on the data-cooperative, contribute to the photo-galleries, activate an arkispecs email address, share jokes in the humor forum, purchase design books through its online bookstore, interact with the sponsors, or simply visit the site regularly. As the website's valuable contributions to the profession and to my chapter in particular would be impossible to sustain without the support of sponsors, I extend my personal invitation to our supportive suppliers to advertise in arkispecs.com. Banner ads in the website not only reflect a company's contribution in making this web-service a reality, but also opens doors for electronic interaction & potential business with its users. My heartfelt thanks to arkispecs.com for giving our chapter a useful home on the Internet. To the pioneering sponsors who have already joined the arkispecs cyber-community by advertising in the website, I thank and salute you all. Mabuhay tayong lahat! Arch. Albert Yu UAP Manila Metro Chapter President 2002-2003

Arch. Albert Yu
Pasay City, Philippines

It is with pride that I welcome and greet the officers and my colleagues of the UAP Atelier Chapter and all our guests as we open our new home in the internet. We at the Chapter are pleased to be part of the cyber community here at www.arkispecs.com and extend our warmest congratulations to its webmaster, Arch. Jericho Adriano and his staff for their generosity and magnanimity. It is indeed very timely with the technologies and conveniences of the 21st-century, that Filipino Architects now have access to a global information highway via this website. With its creation, the architecture profession's hunger for meaning, productivity and craving for competitiveness in these times have finally been unlocked. I am therefore proud to be a part and pleased to support www.arkispecs.com and its showcase of products and services. Granted, today's volume of information was not available many years ago but as technological innovations accumulated, the question of what to do with them became an undeniably pressing need. That's where this website comes into play. In addition, I invite and encourage everyone to contribute in any way they can to help sustain our architectural community on the internet. The channel is open to all our sponsors, suppliers, clients and customers. Regular visits to the site will help open channels for electronic exchange and business opportunity to all its users. Finally, it is with utmost gratitude that I acknowledge www.arkispecs.com for its tireless and selfless efforts. Mabuhay and more power to all of us! Signed, Arch. AILEEN B. ORTIZ Chapter President UAP Atelier Chapter 2002-2003

QC, Philippines

Hi, i hav been visiting ur site many times, pero ngayon lang naglakas loob mag sign ng guest book. By the way, galing-galing ng URL mo. It is like an architect's dream come true. Almost all related links linking the architecture profession is in your website. Keep up this great work. Hope that someday as the information is going vast, your website might still guide us arki students, as future architect, to the right and easier way to the world of architecture. Just saw the photo album of our arkistry 2002. Thanks for putting it up there. God Bless!!! KEEP IT UP!

Michael Go
QC, Philippines

i finally am able to view all site of arkispecs.as you know how very busy we all are. but who wouldve thought everything would be right at our notebooks and pc's.anyways, as advertisers, we extend our thanks for making us a part of this. and as an interior designer and manager, this would be a lot easier lead for me and fellow designers who needs new fresh ideas from the trade. more power! mars (roca-retail sales manager)

Mary Rose
Makati, Philippines

Dear Architect Adriano: CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for the iniative of creating a great thing like this. This really a very nice start in the Construction Industry. We wish you more power and Good luck in every improvement you will do on this site. We will support you to the best that we can! Hoping to meet you in the near future...

Carmina A. Santiago
Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines

Hi Archt. Jericho, This is Obet Calingo, the Senior Manager- Marketing Services and Business Devlopment of Jardine Building Solutions. Thank you for regularly including me in your e-mails. This is my first time to open the website and truly I am delightd with the layout and content. This can be a big help to all of us in the construction industry. An excellent source of information for architects, constructors, developers and suppliers. Please count on our support. More power!

Roberto J. Calingo
Makati City, Philippines

Congratulations! I have been waiting for this kind of webpage for architects in the Philippines. It will be a very useful venue for exchange of ideas and source of info for us... especially provincial architects like me. Keep up the good work!

Arch. Danny M. Fuentebella
Tacloban, Philippines

Congratulations for the continuous success of ARKISPECS.COM. I believe ARKISPECS.COM has indeed attained its two-way purpose: A complete product/specs library for the architects, and a very good exposure and advertisement for the suppliers.

Vivian Gruba
Makati City, Philippines

Greetings! It's really delightful to note that arkispecs.com is becoming more and more a point of reference for many in the design and construction field. Well done, Arch.t Adriano! I would just like to suggest that, together with the posted messages, you could include a field for the date when it was posted to make it more interesting to note whatever development there is in the communications among the guest of your site. Thank you very much.

Arch't. Choie Ylagan-Funk
Las Pinas, Philippines

I just want you to know that your website is a brilliant "milestone" to the local library of filipino architecture. It is a powerful tool indeed. Your efforts are not only helping filipino architecture but actually shaping it to a different level of service. I am one of those who have been encouraged and helped by your website. Keep up the good work, keep on striving and may the good Lord expand and ever bless your unselfish efforts. Congratualtions for a website well done!! "A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25

Arch. John Pangilinan

Hi, i hav been visiting ur site many times, pero ngayon lang naglakas loob mag sign ng guest book. By the way, galing-galing ng URL mo. It is like an architect's dream come true. Almost all related links linking the architecture profession is in your website. Keep up this great work. Hope that someday as the information is going vast, your website might still guide us arki students, as future architect, to the right and easier way to the world of architecture. God Bless!!! KEEP IT UP!

Michael Go
QC, MNL, Philippines

Like other things in this world, our profession started as a simple expression of arts and science. Henceforth it developed into a complex field of modern art as we can see today. Before, in order to advertise our works, or discuss our craft we communicate through simple methods to deliver what we wanted to share, whether it is written on a scroll or chiseled on a slab, in a two page newsletter or a one whole advertorial. Albeit, many had changed since then, today we communicate in the easiest way and the fastest means of medium ever. Through fiber optics and satellite positioning we bring the worlds ideas closer than ever. Arkispecs.com is one of the materialization of this form of modern communication. With its focus on the interest of our profession, the professional and the professional organization, in addition the professional product, I firmly believe that this medium will bring all of us in the build and construction industry specially us architects in design to share and learn further more about our craft and how we can expand and develop our horizon in our chosen fields and noble profession. On the same time, I believe that this endeavor that created this modern tool of communication will serve best in an area where we can view and examine products that are necessary for our building and design. In behalf of the united Architects of the Philippines, we congratulate the many people and entities who made the creation of this website possible. More power to arkispecs!!!

Arch. Robert Sac
QC, Philippines

I would like to congratulate the officers and members of UAP District B1 for tying up with the Arkispecs.com cyber-community and launching a website http://www.arkispecs.com/uap-b1 for easy online access by not only your members here but by other professionals, industry-related organizations and suppliers as well. The web is a new frontier in publishing and online advertising. Here, dreams are infinite and possibilities are endless. There will be a surge in energy, excitement and entrepreneurial drive among District B1 members and the rest of the architectural community once your site is acessed. This undertaking is a stepping-stone for your district to keep abreast with technological advances and gearing up the architects for instant messageing, peer-to-peer networking, wireless communications and e-business enterprise. The networked world is changing and so should the architects. Arkispecs is a must-see site for architects and by our friends in the industry. Using an attractive selection for surfers and with its content, design, usability and functionality, this site could gain public's interest with its data-cooperative facilities, specifications library and file sharing among professionals as its main selling point. I am sure, that with the growing IT industry, and with the growth and interest in the information highway expanding wach year, District B1's website at Arkispecs (together with other UAP districts already registerede there) will attract great interest among architects in the country.

Arch. Lora Rivera
Makati, Philippines

I am honored to become part of your page...really a very previllege for those who have the interest. May God bless us all. >

Mae Delgado - DELCON
Cebu, Philippines

Thanks for this very convinient and interesting website, finally i found it tagal na ko research for such informations,for those guys na may mga bago strategies sa board exam share naman dyan dearhel - KSA>


sir jek, just wanna congrats you, arkispecs is a big blast.. im glad ive been part of arkipsecs nung nagsisimula pa sha and now, it helped me alot, i made my own on-line portfolio and its very impressive to the clients... you go sir!!! >

Angel, PIID

Hi Arch. Adriano, In behalf of Ontario Chapter officers and meembers, I would to thank you for giving us the opportunity to show our support to the UAP goals and objectives. Your concerned to our chapter is highly appreciated. Once agian thank you very much at mabuhay ang ARKISPECS. >

Arch. Remus P. Ancheta
Toronto, Canada

gud day sir, ur website is really a great help for us, most especially for the students and the graduates of architecture...i just have a suggestion...it would be possible to also advertise or post for job offerings for us graduates? apprenticeship/regular employee from an architectural firm...that would be a really big help for us grdautes....thanks...MORE POWER! MAbuhay ang Arkitektong Pilipino!>

Jorell Patricio
Manila, Philippines

heya guys!!! jz wna thank u for ur warm welcomed & so nyc working wt u ol! m very thankful dat my 1st working experience wt my field is hre @ Jericho Adriano Architects + Associates! I will surely miz ya ol.. =( jz kip in touch! pipS!...hre in arkispecs deyl surely help u out if u need anytn ur so so welcome 2 ask 4 dr help! hope ul continue 2 support arkispecs. i knw deyl b of big help 4u.. hre dey guarantee u d best of d best! =p gud luck! keep it up.. >

Kate =p

This is indeed a great website. I'm glad that someone has taken it upon himself to uphold the cause of architects everywhere. This is indeed a great source of information for people of all walks of life! Keep up the good work!>


This is very innovative. Many thanks! >

Arch. Rey S. Gabitan
Quezon City, Philippines

Galing! Indeed, this contribution of yours to the profession of architecture is a very helpful tool to all involved in the practice. >

Arch. Roderick I. Villaroman

this is a great site!=) hope to see something about asaphil's arkistry presentation techniques competition soon though. thanks! >

Chin-Chin Gonzalez
Qc, Philippines

This is a good website..really informative. More power.>

Francisco Sakay, Jr
Quezon City, Philippines

Arch.Jericho Adriano, this site is really of great help to students like me especially those who are inclined with CAD presentation. i hope this site will continue to prosper and will update from time to time. sir, by the way, the architecture community of adamson university is looking forward to see the pics you have taken during the Mr. and Ms. Architecture in our community... thanks and congratulation....>

Reynante B. Delfin
Las Piñas, Philippines

The best website for architects, aspiring architects and wannabes!!! >

Ricardo P. Angeles
Legazpi, Philippines

Hello! I'm a member of Asaphil. I just want to say thank you very much for "sharing" your site with us. It has been of great help to me and the rest of my groupmates especially now that we are doing our thesis. Hoping to be an arcitchitect soon, >

Ristalle Bautista
Qc, Philippines

i keep looking for sites which feature works and bios of great Filipino architects. there are none. i was wondering, could you create a section of arkispecs to cater to such a topic. it would deal a great help to students, researchers and board takers. to get the idea of what i mean, please refer to www.greatbuildings.com thanks and keep up the good work.>

Jose Emmanuel San Felipe
Makati, Philippines

Good day! I am presently reviewing for the incoming board exams and I find the site very helpful... I hope there will be more questions in the board exam reviewer..>

Q.C.,, Philippines

Arch. Adriano, congratulations on this very helpful online resource. More power to you and the community.>

Richie Ong
Los Angeles USA

great job, Jek :)>

Arch. Asa Almario
Santa Clara, CA

You have a very interesting website...It's very helpful. As a student of architecture, I find it to be a tool for the frontiers of architecture..I'll be visiting once in a while .... >

Ryan Avellanosa
Davao, Philippines


Milett De G. Geronimo

Very nice and very informative. Keep up the good work. BTW, could you feature the latest Autodesk CAD software, I'm not sure if it is Revit. Thanks and more power.>

Anna May Timbol

Nice site.. I'm quite impressed. >

Paul Leveriza
San Francisco, CA USA

Its really my great pleasure to visit your website... Keep up the good work!!! :-)>

Quezon City, Philippines

ok ka talaga jeric! very gud! kumpletos recados! kunin ka na sana ni lord!>

Marikina, Philippines

please add more cadd entourage for landscaping & 3Ds. lecture notes on 3Dmax hope to be available soon. and last, is the price list of all materials available in the market. -thanks- & more power>

Lionel Llacuna
Mnl, Philippines

More power on your web site , nandito ako ngayon nakabase sa Singapore bilang Arkitekto, gusto ko sanang malaman ang contact address/E-mail ng Archizonian President ( Mr. Domingo Salonga jr.) maari bang matulungan nyo ako paki E-mail na lang sa above address ko,maraming salamat >

Labong Leopoldo Lopez


Reymund Enolva
Bacoor, Philippines

are students aware of this? they should! >


Happy New Year, I've been trying to surf the Sampaloc Anniversary & Metro December meeting pages but haven't had any success. By the way, can u e-mail the pics you shot during the sampaloc anniversary, specifically the ones with the band's lead singers, tnx bud >

Serge Chua
P'que, Philippines

Hey SIR!!! musta na? the site has improved a lot! dami nyo nang fans! [:) CONGRATS.>

Arch. Jeffrey Acdal

The site seems to be interesting.>

Cesar G. Aljama

I am looking for my old friends ( Architects )here in Manila. Arch. Ronald Tabernero & Arch. Alexander Hoo. Please contact me coz' I want u to handle my 2 projects here in Manila. All designs concepts was already submitted to my clients. & it's approved. Tel. # 365-4158 Tanx! Mabuhay ang Pilipinong Arkitekto!!!>

CALOOCAN CITY, Philippines

absolutely a big help for Arki students like me!>

Eden Joy L. Odovelas
Mnl, Philippines

arkispecs the best to the architects and the arki student like me.... tnx>

Ellwin G. Jose
Mnl, Philippines

Very useful in our fields.>

Paul C. Orquiza
Sta.Mesa Mla., Philippines



hi!just want to say, your website is really the best!thanks for all the info. >

Ronalyn Castañeda Lomitao
Iriga City, Cam.Sur, Philippines

hello po to all the Architecture students out there!!! muzta na po kau lahat??? especially to all the Area-B, hehe! join kau lahat sa National Congress this coming April ha! kita kitz (sana..) by the way, muzta na mga taga FEATI Univ. Arki.. God bless you all future arkiteks!!!>

Ronalyn Castañeda Lomitao
Iriga City, Cam.Sur, Philippines

Great Site, Keep up the good Work,Nice to see some familiar names on ur guestbook.>

Mark Condeno
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

hi!!im incoming 5th yr architecture stude.im looking for a good thesis proposal.pls e-mail me if u hve any suggestions.thank u very much!! ang ganda ng site nyo!!>


galing!ganda ng kuha namin sa UP Arkistry!>

Alcarde,Roland H.
Taguig, Philippines

Hello Architects! Just dropping By! Hows the day of everyone?hope were all fine!>

Arch.Marlon C. Dumlao
Tuguegarao City, Philippines

rock and roll!>

Dabaw, Philippines


Michael Angelo S. Reyes
Masr, Batangas, Philippines

viva avantgarde!>

Davao, Philippines

ey sir... cool website, it's very helpful... :)>


this is great. im please to congratulate for your ideas and effort.>

Euliver 'Bebot' Victorino
Pasig, Philippines

Hello and Gud PM.I am surfing the internet and drop by arkispecs.com and I was amaze by the events held in davao.Even though I was not there my feeling is that as if i was also there. The pictures are very nice and as I look at them they were very happy. Thank U and More Power!>

Arch. Marlon C. Dumlao

Great website. It is useful not only for architects but for end users as well. Keep it up and looking forward to more features for end users such as myself.>

Chito Santos


Arch. Gary Mariano

This site truly updates me on UAP.From day to day i was browsing to your site.More power to Arkispecs!>

Edwin V. Vergara

This is indeed a very useful and convenient resource for architectural work. Thanks for sharing your list of suppliers, consultants, and contractors with us. Many thanks!>


hi!congrats for this new website for filipino architects, my u continue and more power!>

Arch. Lei Cotingjo
Cebu, Philippines

A great website and very informative indeed. Kudos to the people responsible for setting up a magnificent site.>

Carlos F. Lacuna
Toronto Canada

Thanks... Your site really helps architects and allied professions. Through your site, we are able to interact and updated with the current events and news... >

Arch. Aris V. Guillermo
Tarlac City, Philippines

Thank you Arch. Chloie for your kind word and your active participation in this message board. We are in the process of setting up a real database-driven forum to accommodate the ever growing number of messages and to better organize the message threads. In the meantime, I would like to invite everyone to sign up in the website- you are all welcome to post your professional qualifications and credentials online so you can each have your very own webpages and profiles posted. Regards to all!>

Jericho Adriano

thanks for finally having an address in the world wide web for filipinos by filipinos>

Romeo Lagasca
Baguio, Philippines

nice website because im updated wuth the latest news about architecture and construction in the philippines>

Arch. Noel Malicdem
Ludain, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Finally i've found the site im looking for!and this is it...thank you very much arch.Webmaster ,ill recommend this to my colleague here in DISTRICT C3.>

Arch.Joseph Rey Lastrilla
Tacloban,city, Philippines

nice site!more power and soon i'll be joining and share some of my works. >

Erwin Nebrida

arkispecs.com evolves into a more proficient catalyst in the improvement of the Design and Construction Industry. Thus, making the Filipino Architects, a bit more global competitive. >

Randy S. Mandap
ANTIPOLO CITY, Philippines

I am inviting all architects badminton enthusiasts to join in the fun and at the same time keep fit & healthy. Meet other architects from the other chapters its really fun. Thanks Jericho for all this! >

Cathy Carunungan
Qc, Philippines

Nice site! But is there a Davao chapter? I am in Davao City and I guess it would be more convinient to seek resources within the city. Can anyone help? Thanks!sameul79@hotmail.com>

Davao, Philippines

Jericho, maraming salamat for your support last Saturday, during our chapter's badminton tournament, and also to Cathy and the rest of the ABF's members, again in behalf of the Officers and Members of UAP Parañaque-Palanyag Chapter maraming salamat sa inyo. BTW, hindi ko nakalimutan ang commitment namin regarding the t-shirts, we have the list of attendees… we are also considering your offer, looking forward for the chapter’s website to be part of the arkispecs family.>

Arch. Wayne Matthew Jaro
Parañaque City, Philippines

Hello Wayne! Thanks for posting your message. We enjoyed your very successful tournament. Rest assured that we will be joining your next succeeding tournaments as well. Congratulations to you and your chapter! Photos of your event are already posted online so do check out the pictures. The UAP Paranaque-Palanyag chapter is most welcome to become part of the arkispecs.com cyber-community! Look forward to hosting your chapter soon.>

Jericho Adriano

Greetings! I would just like to offer if there is someone who like to work abroad. I am currently looking for an architect who have knowledge in AutoCAD, Photoshop and 3D Studio Max. Position: Architect / Designer Company: HURYMALA FACTORY for Natural Stone Riyadh, KSA Brief Decription: The biggest Marble Factory in Riyadh KSA. You will be assigned to design marble fixtures for clients using AutoCAD / Photoshop / 3D Studio Max. He is also asigned to supervise workers in working the project. Salary: SR1900 + SR200 or PHP30,450 + Overtime Qualification: Male 38 years old and below Graduate of BS Architecture Great Skills in designing Knowledge in using AutoCAD / Photoshop / 3D Studio Max Knowledge in supervising workers. Requirements: Valid Passport NBI Clearance Diploma Transcript of Records Certificate of Employment Valid Drivers License (the worjer will be issued a proffessional drivers license for he will be having a company car in site) Deployment date: As Soon as Possible. You can contact me thru 722-0535 / 721-1015 for further details. JESS VILLANUEVA Recruitment Officer >

Cubao, Quezon CIty, Philippines

I admire your group. I am amazed at the groups' ability to raise great prizes for a tournament. I am interested in joining your group. I hope you can let me join. Thank you very much.>

Arch. Carina Dizon
Quezon City, Philippines

pls help me i need to find the architect who has the initial L.A. he or she made the renovation/additional building of the professionals for autism foundation inc. aka card in palace st. bf homes las piñas...im doing my thesis im from ust, he/she did not put his/her name in the plan i would like to ask permission to use his/her plan, i need the architects approval in letter form or he/she can sign the plan>

Antonette Bunag
Manila, Philippines

Dear Cathy,(Carunungan) I just happen to be browsing on this website and saw all the pictures of you and Pippo in the photo gallery. I am so glad to see you again. Please e-mail me. I need to hear from you. Meg :)>

Meg Belford
Zachary, LA USA

Goodwill to you Guys! I am very impressed with your website! very educational specially material suppliers are readily available to contact! Kudos and More Power!>

Arch. Marco F. Bildan ,uap
Tarlac City, Philippines

hope you keep up this commendable project of yours, especially for new converts to the internet like me. congrats!>

Ernie Zarate, Fpia
Pasig, Philippines

Great site. Very informative and very impressive. This site is a lot of help to all in the industry of construction. I am taking this great chance to introduce our company, BERKO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING & TRADING CO. We are an electrical contractor and would like to post are message here. If you would like to seek an electrical contractor you could consider us. We do design, planning, estimate & renovation of electrical systems. We cater to all types of residential projects, small rise bldgs and condominiums, warehouse and industrial bldg. You could reach us at this numbers: (02)826-4891 or 0920-5312383. We have a family owned hardware, with this, we offer a very competitive contract price. Hope we could be of service to you.>

Anthony S. Ko
Paranaque, Philippines

ARKISPECS!!! highly recommended keep up the good works.>

Arch. Antonio R. Ugaddan
Laguna, Philippines

I love this Site! >



MSA Production Assistance
Makati City, Philippines

hi. arch. jericho, i hope you can include some list of design competitions here in the rp design scene on your helpful website. thanks.>

Ryan Tayag
Valenzuela City, Philippines


Pasay, Philippines

Hi, I just stumbled on this site and amazed that I'm still a member of this group! I just can't beleive what we had started more than 10 years ago still stands today. Just to say regards to you all. >

Herminio Jalocon Jr.
Casablanca, Morocco

just want to see more UAP-Chapter News...Pls. Visit us http://uapontario.tripod.com>

Arch. Elmer C. Canlas
Toronto Canada

We like to join to your site pls. send us how?>

City Trade
Quezon City, Philippines

Congrats to our new U.A.P. President San Juanico Chapter: Arch't. Antonio Paranas Warm welcome from ARTEWARAYDESIGN, Cebu City>

Rodeerick Delgado
Cebu City, Philippines

nice site!more power!soon ill be joining by sharing some of my works.>

Erwin Nebrida

UAP-Ontario Canada Chapter, General Membership Meeting on Aug.21,2004 at 1:00 pm... for more details pls. call lee laperal at 416-757-4849 or elmer @416-858-2238>

Arch. Elmer C. Canlas
Toronto Canada

You should take my picture more often!It adds up to the quality of your site!bwahahahhah!Kidding aside! Its a great site, MORE POWER!>

Arch. Ed Garcia
Quezon City, Philippines

First of all, congratualtions and more power to a most engaging, informative and laudable endeavor such as this website that is in true service of the Filipino Architect. I hope that by putting together our expertise, we would be able to contribute to our growth as a profession as well as in nationbuilding. I would just like to refer to you a problem that a client presented to me. You or any other concerned parties may want to react. In terms of painting the exterior of a structure built in the Tagaytay area, I have been told that a certain bacteria present in the air causes the exterior walls to develop a red pigmentation that increases and intensifies, that the owner just opts to paint the walls in terra cotta, avoiding lighter colors such as cream or beige. WHile the choice of color could be an aesthetic solution, is there any chemical product that could be applied to work out this predicament? Initially, I thought that the sulfuric content in the air (due to the volcanic emissions) which could cause painting problems was the only situation to be contended with in Tagaytay. Any comments? Situation is quite urgent. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! - More power!>

Archt. Choie Ylagan-Funk
Las Pinas, Philippines

Galing! Im happy I found this site, I wonder my architect instructors know this one, well he should. Galing ng 9266, anyone know where to get a copy of this?>

Baguio, Philippines

im happy found this site hopefully someday can help me to find a job,, im looking for a job as autocadd operator,, tnx and more power,,>

MARIKINA, Philippines

UAP-SUGBU sponsored Architects exhibit has been moved to December 7-8 from its original date of 3-5.Same venue-Ayala Activity Center,Ayala Center, Cebu>

Neil Ryan Encabo Manigsaca
Cebu City, Philippines

We are calling all the members of the UAP Makati Greenbelt Chapter to be part of our VIRTUAL CHAPTER! Please email me at asianarc@yahoo.com BTW, arkispecs, you have a great website! MikeG Chapter President UAP Makati Greenbelt Chapter>



Arch.Cesar M.Ulanday
Riyadh, KSA

The first step is always the beginning of a big leap. Certainly the people behind arkispecs, Jericho et al shall always have something to be proud of because the first step he took made the difference in the service of the Filipino Architects in and out of the country. The Architectural profession in the Philippines is benefited as more services and informations have gone to leaps and bounds. Mabrook! >

Marceliano M. Pagala
Riyadh KSA

To: ABC We would like to affiliate the UAP-Ontario Chapter Bowling Club to "ABC (Architects Bowling Club). Please send us information (contact person). I will represent my chapter on CONEX 2005. Hope to meet the ABC Committees. Thanks Arch. Remus Ancheta, UAP, MAATO>

Remus Ancheta
Toronto Canada

i would like to be added as your supplier in here we manufacture blinds, fabric PVC and aluminim. We also have PVC Door and Toilet Partition (PVC) also Studs, T-runner, and curtain accessories... hope to hear from you.. thanks!>

Dondon Soriano
Manila, Philippines

Looking for a firm to collaborate with in producing "Revit" documents in Philippines. Potential outsourcing opportunity.>

Mark Griffith
Little, L.A. USA

arkispecs.com is truly a haven for us architects. Keep this site up and more power to the staff!!>

Arch. Edmund Pena

Im very Amazed with this web design.. ive never had an idea with this web site.. ive just accidentally click the web page and then it shows..i hope it would improve its mailing sessions.. llike yahoo.com or any other web sites.. more power to the filipino architects >


hi i'm looking for an interior designer based in Tacloban city. >

Tacloban, Philippines

your site is a good source of information for all arhitect and others.... im looking for a job now, sana po mag post kayo kung sino ang company na nangangailan ng applicant. >

Irane Balaquit Anuran
Manila, Philippines

Hello, your website is great and a very good source of community events and information. Jeoffrey Ferrer QUITOLES is listed as a member of your distinguished profession. I know I have so many relatives in the Philippines that I wanted to get to know. Would you please give this message to him or please give me his email address? I appreciate it very much.>

Arthur V. Quitoles
San Jose, CA United States

Arch. Adriano Sir! Congrats to a very informative and helpful site i know most architects and students would benefit from. For the past 15 years, I work part time (but most of the time) as an architectural Renderer. I just wanted to know if you could help me advertise my work or at least you could post a link to my portfolio. Because I work at home and rely only on contacts and friends in the profession, I'm sure some if not most of your visitors here might see and eventually need my services. Anyway, just in case you have interest in viewing my portfolio, please have a glance at...(www.artwanted.com/arch_edr). Here you'll find few of my latest works using Digital Painting technique. I also do 3d modeling, walktru and flybys. My latest clients are mostly developers like Earth+Style Corporation, Belle Corp., State Propoerties and SM Synergy. I was hoping to I could do drawings for more architects as well. Thank you for your site and time. Thanks! Arch. Ed Del Rosario >

Arch. Ed Del Rosario
Bulacan, Philippines

Arch. Adriano, Sir! Just updated my subdomain showcasing few of my latest works from different companies. Thank you Sir! For a very helpful site! This is really something architects and suppliers should look up to. Very informative and helpful. Your a pioneer! Btw, again, I offer my Rendering services to your visitors as well as fellow Architects. Those interested may visit my subdomain (www.eddelrosario.arkispecs.com) for samples. Just e-mail me your plans and I'd be more than willing to give you a quote. Thanks!!!>

Ed Del Rosario
Meycauayan, Philippines

hi!! just want to ask if what is the specific/standard dimensions of a velodrome? plas answer.. thank you >


inspiring :) ang saya ng site na 'to, so far the best sa lahat ng napuntahan ko, iba talaga kapag gawa para sa pinoy, keep up the good work! >

Las Pinas City, Philippines

Good day! This is from Arkitropik Designs Collaborative of Davao City. We would like to inquire about including our company in your list of building professionals. How can we be able to join or register as part of your list? Thank you very much.>

Jesse Baron
Davao, Philippines

I am an ordinary homeowner who is currently building my own house. Your website seems to be a good idea for sourcing raw materials, fixtures, and furnishings. I wish more companies would advertise/register in your website so that it would be more comprehensive. Otherwise, the format, concept, and design is wonderful! I hope though that there will be more supplier content in the future. Honestly, i couldn't imagine why supplier companies wouldn't register in your website. It is a great, effective, yet cheap marketing tool. Maybe, they just are not aware that your website exists at all! Write them e-mails or fax. I suggest that other readers help out also by recommending this website via word of mouth. >


I thank so much the Lord and the great minds behind this website for it has influenced me much to go back to school. After six years of stopping from the architecture course, I'm back to finish it. Thank you so much. However I hope that you will help aspiring students like me in finding a job. Kahit maliit ang kita basta meron. Hehehe... God bless you all always!>

Melba Benavides
Manila, Philippines

This is truly a laudable endeavor. it gives the different chapters a chance to have its "own website" without even really half trying. of course, this wouldn't be possible if not for the efforts of arch. jericho adriano. MY HATS OFF TO YOU, SIR AND MORE POWER TO YOU AND TO ALL OF US! MABUHAY ANG NAGKAKAISANG ARKITEKTO NG PILIPINAS!>

Arch. Gabbie Cascante, UAP
Makati, Philippines

Nice site.Very helpful to us here in the southern part of Mindanao... All are invited to join this October 20-22 UAP NCA @ the Tuna capital of the Philippines..GEN> SANTOS CITY...come and enjoy! pls. pre-register now!>

Arch. Marcelino H. Dospueblos, Jr.,uap
Gen. Santos City, Philippines

I haven't stopped using the website since I started accessing it. This is a very very useful and innovative site. For silent surfers of Arkispecs, this is the chance to be kept updated with the latest goings-on in and around our physical and cyber community

Arch.Tony-Kar Balde III
Olongapo City, Philippines


Dereck Delgado
Cebu City, Philippines

Hello to my colleagues and friends. Have a nice day to all architects there.

Bienvenido " JUN" T. Canlas III
Tuguegarao City, Philippines

Can someone post the Filipino equivalent of commonly used terms in construction --- the terms we were taught in UP-Arki? I keep forgetting most of them. Alaskado sobra tuloy ako parati sa foreman namin sa jobsite dahil pa-english-english pa rin ako. (Eh sa di ko maalala sa tagalong eh, ano magagawa ko. teehee.) Once and for all, I’d like to learn the construction worker’s lingo, and not anymore give the impression that I’m “pa-sosyal”, like how I guess our workers see me now. Thanks.

Arch. KC Casanova-Presbitero
Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

Hi arki specs! thank you for this site...I just literally signed up on this online community. I was looking for forums on google where I could arki find board exam tips and I saw this link.. I tried answering you mock exams and thank God I was able to answer them...not all question but proudly my scores are "walang sabit" on each subjects.... I hope you can add some more mock-exams. IT WOULD BE A GREAT HELP on me and those who will be taking the board exams... THANKS AGAIN! MORE POWER!!!!

Pasig, Philippines

This is a very powerful tool for us. Mabuhay ang ArkiSpecs!

Arch. Victor Xavier V. Tejuco
Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines


CEBU, Philippines

f l a b b e r g a s t! hi kila sir LEONIN,INOCENCIO, GABITAN. FEU-IARFA 2000-2006

MANILA, Philippines

Your website is very interesting and I find it very informative. I was trying to locate a member of the Architectural Centre Club in Makati and I don't know if he is still a member. His name is Francisco Ventura; if you read this, please feel free to contact me or him so he will know that I am trying to locate his whereabouts. Thank you.

Aida E. Rili Aloia
Las Vegas, Nevada

good day to all my professors/colleagues in FEU! wow bigatin rin kayo

Arch. Victor Maniulit
Jeddah, Saudi

gud day sir, ur website is really a great help for us, most especially for the students and the graduates of architecture...i just have a suggestion...it would be possible to also advertise or post for job offerings for us graduates? apprenticeship/regular employee from an architectural firm...that would be a really big help for us grdautes....thanks

Jethro I. Cunanan
Caloocan, Philippines

ArkiplusE is a group of architects & engineers who are technically knowledgeable and very capable of providing architectural,engineering,CAD & rendering services. Interested parties may email us at: arkipluse@yahoo.com.ph

Arkipluse Team
Las Pinas City, Philippines

It's great to be able to join this site and introduce our products. Through this site, I hope to find people who are interested in our products. Should you have questions, or would like to do business with us, whether you are a manufacturer, importer, contractor, architect, engineer or end-user, send me an email. I can explain the benefits of using our products to you.

Quezon City, Philippines

Jericho, I hope you can provide a BLOG feature in your website so that Architects and Friends can interact with any topic under the sun. This will also give a chance to those miles away from the Philippines to be in contact with colleagues. I miss all my activities out there. Regards!

Arch. Lou Antonio
Las Vegas, United States

To all who wants a demo of interiCAD software...just text me 09223642142

Makati City, Philippines

It's been more than 2 years now since I logged on to Arkispecs. I would like to extend my warmest greetings to Jericho and all the associations I have been a member of; UAP-Alabang, Architects Bowling Club and Architects Billiards Association. More power and regards to all of you.

Lou Antonio
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

congrats to arkispecs.. and to all fellow architects,we must build our nation in a true filipino spirit, mabuhay ang arkitektong pinoy!!

Arch C.a.v. Cadiz

greetings to all! its really an honor to be included in your group where a lot of interaction amongst architects and suppliers were made possible. very informative and helpful for aspiring archi's and good for suppliers to find their way in and connect with the people that they need to know and communicate.Thanks a lot

Alexander Dela Paz
Quezon, Philippines

we must up lift our integrity as filipino architects,long live arkispecs

Corazon Antero Cadiz
Sta Rosa City, Philippines

Hi Fellow architects, Iam a newbie in badminton sports and interested to join the ABF. Iam having a hard time looking for the right person to contact in Architect Badminton Fe3deration group. I started inquiring for the membership a couple of months now from our secretariat in Manila Maharlika however until now i have not recieved any reply. Could anyone help me to join the group. Where can i get the membership form and to whom i can pay the required fees. Thanks in advance. Ronald 09289209205 ronald.angeles@yahoo.com

Ronald Angeles

To: Mr. Jess Villanueva, Recruitment Officer Why your offer was very low considering that you are looking for architects, and the job destination is saudi arabia, are you exploiting our Architects for the sake of earning more from your clients? You know how hard we labour for this profession, your is not for the salary of architect, you should find a drafting garaduate or equivalent of CADD Operators for this present times. If you really cares for your fellow filipino, you will offer the best salary for them. Am just waking you up...dont sent our kabayans to the den where they will be devoured. Offer the best in the international market.

Arch. Jay Ar Omanito

to my colleagues: what's the latest in philippine architecture? mabuhay ang arkitektong pinoy!

Jonah P. Orteza
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Indeed this is another pinoy innovation. Your website really help a lot in my researchworks of the current trends in design & construction.Mabuhay & More power!!!

MANILA, Philippines

Good evening to all colleague and thanks for this new found website, arkispecs.com. I would like to greet all my co alumni at CCP Sta. Mesa namely Architects: Yacub, Mones, Senados, Victorino, Bimbo, Dante, Arnel, Robert, Maralit, Elena Icaro, Ramos Brothers, Dean Firmeza, Genil, Quiblat, Biteranta and Rowena "wendell" Dela paz i love you... I would like to ask a favor anybody here from UAP sta Mesa chap. I renew my license last time and i paid my membership. The lady in the info counter (UAP office) told me that she will put my name on the data base (UAP sta mesa chap.) but until now it was not there. Kindly help me, I think Pres. chap. is Arch. Firmeza. And one thing when renew my lisence last january 2006 at PRC, I got confused when I proceed to the releasing window, they told me that somebody renew my license during May 2005, how this will happen when I am in Saudi. I couldnt beleive, they told me that they did not process my renewal because somebody renew it during may 2005. I saw My prc ID and since they dont have my photo, they cut and paste the old one. You know I dont have so much time to clear everything because the next day I will go back to Saudi for work. I send an email to PRC but it fall on their deaf ears. Now my point here is: Why it is so easy that anybody can renew your license. Why they dont make a policy of no presence, no renewal. I would like to relay this problem to Mon Tulfo but I dont have time. I want to inform everybody not to give your licence no. to anybody or signed and signed plans done by anybody just for the sake of money. Because you may not be aware that illegal architects kuno or small contractors might be using your name. I hate but I coudn't do anything, I just pray that GOD will expose him and those kind of people will never prosper in their carrer.

Arch. Jay Ar Omanito
Saudi Arabia, Philippines

It's a previllege to be a member of this website. It helps a lot in my practice in terms of latest materials used in construction and the latest trend in global design. I would like to great my fellows and co alumni's namely Arch. R. Mones, Arch. Yacub, Ach. A. Ramos, Arch. R. Victorino, Arch. V. Guttierez (top2), Arch. I. Senados, Arch. Bimbo, Arch. Elena Icaro and a lot lot more...at sa lahat ng aking naging students way back 93-96, some of them I saw here in Saudi and I'm very proud of them, and lats thing sana pakisama sa data base ng sta. mesa chapter ang name ko dahil nag renew me i paid my membership bu

Arch. Santiago B. Omanito Jr.
Dhahran, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Philippines

No website yet for UAP Metro Tacloban chapter?Hope we can have too...want to keep in touch what's goin' on in there...Mabuhay ang Arkitektong Pilipino!

Jonah P. Orteza,uap,rmp
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

it's a good thing i can still keep in touch with the latest news/events concerning our profession even if i'm away...this one's a commendable site for filipino architects..MABUHAY!

Jonah P. Orteza,uap,rmp
Kota Kinabalu, Philippines


Architect Noel T.veridiano II
Tuguegarao, Philippines

Arkispecs has grown a lot since my last visit. It will always be a pioneer in bridging IT with the Philippine architecture and building industry. You will always have my support. More Power!

Arch. Carlo Aristheo T. Quevedo
Quezon City, Philippines

Congratualtions to arkispecs.com for creating this site and thus provide needed service. It is our hope that through this site, we at the Metrobank Foundation will also be able to promote our annual competition in architecture. Initially, we would like to thank the United Architects of the Philippines who has been supporting our annual competition dubbed as the Metrobank Art & Design Excellence or MADE. MADE is a re-launched program that is now a nationwide competition in architecture, interior design, painting & sculpture. When we started this expanded program in 2004, we approached the United Architects of the Philippines with Arch. Robert Sac as the national president then, and at once we received a warm welcome that now is becoming a growing partnership with the continued support of Arch. Edric Marco Florentino. Recently, we have been privileged to award another ingenious architectural work titled the "Modern Filipino House" by Arch. Michael Peña, a member of the Marikina Chapter. Last year, we awarded Cebuano architect Noel K. Tan for his contemporary house titled "Fusion." Indeed, we are very proud to have both architects in our roster of winners. It is also our hope that we can garner more support from your community, so we can continue to give recognition to exemplary works of Filipino architects. Once again, congratulations to arkispecs.com and we hope that we can count on your support to continue our advocacy in promoting Philippine art & design.

Fiona Ting
Makati, Philippines

Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings form the Maldives I hope you could assist us. We are looking for young talented designers from the Philippines. My company, Tourism Plan Private Limited is 17 person resort consulting and design firm headquartered in Male’, the capital of Maldives. Today Maldives is a leading trend setter in the world of resort design and development. We have built an open, friendly work environment which values expertise and loyalty. We have great opportunities for a Senior CAD Drafter for our head-office to perform drafting and designing to support assigned projects using AutoCAD. Assist Project Manager through all phases of project. This position is an integral team member in the production of presentation, design and construction of our client’s resort development projects. At present there are over 45 new resort projects in the Maldives and we are expanding out team to gear of the new assignments. Candidates should have 2 to 5 years of related design and production experience. Must be detail oriented with excellent verbal skills in English. Experience in AutoCAD required and 3D Studio required. We offer rewarding challenges in a professional environment, along with a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package. Please cut and paste your cover letter, resume and salary requirements into the body of an e-mail to: jobs@TourismPlan.com. Website: http://www.TourismPlan.com Contact Information jobs@TourismPlan.com Fax: (960) 3344990 Thank you & Warm regar

Director, Business Development
Male, Maldives

greetings arch.joseph rey t.lastrilla a.k.a bogart!!..how r u doin?i hop ur nt sleepin always..pls update me wt all ur current projects..i know u wish 2 become d ceo of ur own company..wel dts nt far from wr ur at now wt all d success ur attaining at d moment..wish u luck!!from ur colleage

Arch. John Paul Jaypee P. Agero
Tacloban City, Philippines

Great website. Keep it up. I am kinda new here. I hope my posting for my office (furniture manufacturer)would get future architects and designers that we are willing to collaborate or work with. Thanks!

Kisan Briones - Marketing Staff
Las Piñas City, Philippines

Hi there, Thanks for this good site i saved effort and time looking for suppliers. thanks, Arch. Laresma

Arch. Laresma

Hi, I'm a member of arkispecs but I forgot my username and password. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.

Arch. Lizlene Paula B. Cueva
Makati, Philippines

I would like to get in touch w/ the San Juan Mandaluyong Chapter. I'm now based here in UAE for the past 5 yrs. Pls reply to my e-mail. Where are Richie, Danny Alano, Guevarra, 'Joey Marquez' of SJM Chapter? Regards to all... God bless.

Dubai, UAE

Good day to all peers! I often visit this cyber website, and found out very helpful to us, as it convey's data and updates in our industry and other profession related. I would like to thank all the staffing and members for their continuing support in making our webpage well maintained. Thanks!!

Arch. Ethelbert S. Resuello
Manila, Philippines

Hi, I'm not an archi but i have a High School classmate from QCHS and a friend who is a member of this association... His name is Jose Ropi Roncal..could you please give me his contact details. Thank you, Alex Velasco Dubai, UAE Mobile No. 00971502461475

Alex A. Velasco

To all my friends and who will get this message. I would just like to inform you all, that I'm presently working now at InteriCad Philippines Inc as one of the Sales-Interior Designer of the company. We are catering the latest 3d software for interior designers, contractors, architects, etc. It is very highly recommended for Interior Designers and Architects mostly. It is easier and more realistic than the VIZ and 3DMAX programs which makes your plans and layouts see the actual interior in just a couple of minutes, with complete texture and finishes which you will be needing for your design. This program is called the Intercad 3000/v10....I'll need some of your contacts in our field or even the office your working right now. I’ll just have to present a demo/presentation on your company or you may visit us for a more educating and detailed demonstration and have the experience of seeing and believing in what our software can do for your company. I assure you, your time will not be wasted. If your company is open for change, in which I may say is a big change for the best, now is the time that we may share and give our services to you. Superior quality granted, innovative solutions given, security prioritized, flawless output, higher productivity...It’s definitely all rolled into one – the auto cad working drawings, 3d modeling, realistic rendering and even animation is included. And check this out, InteriCad Philippines Inc., is the only company in the country offering this. So if your company wants to be the best and the first in the newest and latest of what our field can offer, you are all welcome to join us for a demonstration. Hope you will consider this favor I'm asking for all of you. Please pass it on. God bless you all! Here's my contact no. 844-9795 / 09223642142 Email ad: jessie_arki@yahoo.com Thanks, Jessie C. Miranda Technical Sales InteriCad Philippines Inc.

Jessie C. Miranda
Makati, Philippines


Richie Cruz
Makati, Philippines

A must SEE site for all Architects and all our Friends in the Industry! Mabuhay! Archt. Rudy O. Ferrer

Manila, Philippines

to all visayas arki's! pls. visit FELISA COSMETICS HEAD OFFICE at gorordo cebu city. thank you!

Roderick Delgado
Cebu City, Philippines

Hi, Greetings to all arkis here... I'm not an archi but i have a friend who is a member of this association... His name is Arlan Dionaldo.. I would appreciate if someone could give me his whereabout or contact info... Mabuhay kaung lahat... Thanks & Regards, Ronald

Ronald Inciong
Hong Kong

Fabulous! Keep on updating us with the latest technology available!

Arch. Gideon Y. Aglosolos

hello fellow architects, i would like to offer my services as 3d modeler and renderer to all my colleages. if any one out there who would like to have there project rendered, just contact me. my email- archlhyanidoene@gmail.com. Thank You and Godbless.

Lyndon O. Carian
Makati City, Philippines

I very much eager to know more about this site. It seems to be helpful to my part. I am aspiring to be an architect. I think this site will be good preview of my dream career.

Charlie Arante
Cebu City, Philippines

Due to expansion of its Philippine CAD-outsourcing operations, ACS currently has challenging vacancies for Architects or Graduates of Architecture: Vacant Position Qualifications: Senior Project Manager: Licensed architects with more than 10 years of relevant work experience; have proven ability to manage teams in delivering fast-track A&E working drawings production for international projects. Project Managers: Licensed architects with at least 7 years of relevant work experience; have proven ability to manage teams in delivering fast-track A & E working drawings production for international projects; managed projects with a minimum duration of 3 years and/or equivalent project cost exceeding $10M. QA Project Manager: Licensed architect with at least 7 years of relevant work experience; have proven ability to manage teams in Quality-checking A & E working drawings production for international projects; CAD and desktop proficient. Project Coordinators: Licensed architects with at least 4 years of relevant work experience; have effectively managed a team in delivering fast-track A & E working drawing production Structural Design Engineer: Civil Engineers with at least 5 years experience in structural design; have knowledge of PCA Concrete, PCAMats, Resa 2D, Adoss, EnerCalc, Ram ACAD 2002/2005/ADT and desktop proficient; handled and coordinated fast-track structural design for international or U.S. projects. Quantity Surveyors: Licensed architects/civil engineers with a solid background in quantity surveying, at least 5 years experience in estimating/quantity take-off on A&E projects abroad; CAD and desktop proficient.

Makati City, Philippines


Arbie C. Barrot, Uap-davao, Nampap-davao
Durian Republic, Philippines

gud site! may i have the exact address of arch. joel e. miranda? or contact no.? he is u.a.p member, thanks and more power to arkispecs.

Joey B. Lucañas
Malabon, Philippines

I am looking for work in the field of Architecture. I been sleeping for years. I am willing to undergo some training. My CV is available upon request. Kindly mail me at mrsishikawa@msn.com or you can text/call me at 09287543900.

Minnie Mouse
Marikina, Philippines

Just a short history of the company. I am not an architect nor an engineer but our services will be available to the Philippine market by June 2006. I hope to see some of you as we make our presence felt in the next couple of weeks. You may also reach me at 0920-9001002. T&S Global Solutions, Inc is a Japanese company engaged primarily in the fulfillment of architectural, engineering and design services. Through a strong collaborative effort between experts from Japan and Filipino professional managers and engineers, TGS has grown steadily in operation size and revenue. With the success of its first overseas expansion, the mother company TandS, Inc (Japan), has quickly used the momentum to increase its business foothold in the Philippines by investing into other related ventures. Close to 100% of TGS customers are based abroad which supports the strong shift of major industries going into business process outsourcing. Currently, the service of CAD and CAM Outsourcing comprise majority of the company's volume however the above services are complemented by orders and requirements for data conversion, mechanical services and 3D rendering.

Bong Fajardo Jr.

sir/maam, im here again asking for your help in finding me a work in architecture... dis are my contacts number: jaz email me at lwin_arki10@yahoo.com or txt me at 09202281644 TNX SO MCH and GOD BLESS... mabuhay ang arki!!!

Malate,manila, Philippines

I'm Ms. Lu from Lian Heng Huat Air Con Services Pte Ltd urgently looking below item, please give me a quote. (by the way, pls advise if you have any distributor or brand in singapore so that we can contact them directly). 1) Brand : Betafoam Product : Insulation

Lian Heng Huat Air Con Services Pte Ltd
Bukit Batok, Singapore

i am also looking for construction firms in manila who are open for ojt's. pls send me a list...help badly needed in the soonest possble time. i'd appreciate the response...

Hazel Queen Sambo

just wanna congratulate the following pioneering architecture students of lyceum of iligan foundation who had recently passed the architecture licensure exam, namely karah consolacion, miguel saludar & joemarie villastique. congrats!

Chris Mae
Iliogan City, Philippines

Great effort guys to see a website as cool as this for a group of professionals living in a foreign land for ages. My greetings to my friend Liza Laperal, she is always an advocate for a good cause.


cool site, very helpful and informative.. hope u can feature events of PIID also :) for interior designers naman

Angel, PIID

more power!!!

Arch. Tony Andro M. Taguinod, Mp
Riyadh, KSA

sir/maam,im searching for my arch'l apprentice, as a draftsman or any work related in our profession in architecture, im a fresh grad last april 2005 in TIPmla. hop u will help me in finding a job as soon as there will be an opening to your company. thank you very much and GOD bless...

Ellwin G Jose
Manila, Philippines

HBO+EMTB Philippines, Inc., a multi-national design firm, is in search of outstanding individuals to work in various positions in the Manila Office: SR. ARCHITECTS (National Capital Reg - Makati City) Responsibilities: We are looking for individuals with 5 to 10 years of experience in both local and overseas work, with excellent communication skills both oral and written. Candidates must have worked on foreign based companies and projects previously, and should be familiar with International Standards and Building Codes. Able to do DD to Construction Documentation using AUTOCAD Does Quality Control of Construction Documents. Previous applicants need not apply Requirements: Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Architecture/Urban Studies or equivalent. Required skill(s): Proficiency in Autocadd 2002 and above Required language(s): English. At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. Applicants must be willing to work in Makati City. Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. Preferably supervisor / 5 yrs & up experienced employees specializing in Architecture/Interior Design or equivalent. 15 Full-Time positions available. HBO+EMTB Philippines, Inc. 14C Trafalgar Plaza 105 H.V. dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, National Capital Reg 1200 Telephone: 867 2815 Email : efronda@hboemtb.com

Elmer Fronda- HR Dept.
Makati City, Philippines

Changed the guestbook script to minimize vandalism and unauthorized advertisements. Hope this works better. Feel free to post your comments now. We'll have it published as soon as you comments are screened.

Jericho Adriano
Q.C., Philippines

good day.. i know Arch. Alexander Hoo, nakatrabaho ko ho sya sa WVCoscolluela.. dati po ako dung apprentice.. i have the number in cosco.. 8945803-05 / 8945169... i do not know kung gano na katagal yung message mo.. i accidentally read it and i read that you are looking for him.. i will also inform arch. alex hoo about you (Larison E Abueva/365-4158)

Jennifer Laco
Las Pinas City, Philippines

attn:webmaster can you please block those people/hackers trying to put up annoying advertisements....salamat!

Concern Arki Citizen
Cebu, Philippines

hi, m an archi student. and m not really gud in drafting, may i ask if i still have a chance to pass board exam? and do u hav any tips about d board exam? thanx.

Lalinka Fe

Thank you very much to everyone who have taken the time to post a simple greeting or message in this guestbook. Your kind words are indeed very encouraging as we strive to deliver to the Filipio builder the best the Internet can offer. Keep the messages coming and let's all make this message board a truly dynamic and lively forum! December na!!! Let me be the first one to say, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!

Arch. Jericho Adriano
QC, Philippines

hello sir... dito nako japan be bak by march. more power to arkispecs.com

Angela Sarte
Tokyo, Japan

charing! ang ganda, ganda! nakaka-inlove ang web master!ummmppphhh!

Ted V.g. Inocencio
Manila, Philippines

i need some articles and pictures regarding condensers. apparently, i cant find any. looking for brochures is not a great help coz i don't know the manufacturers of such. will you pls. help me? i need it badly. this is my only hope. thanks!!!

Bulacan, Philippines

To Arch't. Adriano, ask ko lng po kng kelan nyo po pedeng post ung Pictures you've taken from Adamson University ;last foundation day. The event was Mr. &Ms. Architecture.. thnk you po and god Bless-

Lemuel B. Hernandez
Valenzuela, Philippines

i'm looking for a boss to be an apprentice. Would you e one? e-mail me

Davao, Philippines

im looking for specs,descriptions,materials used and other facts for ROOF INSULATION from aci insulation. i dont know how to find it,kindly help me please, i kinda need it for my report. thank you.

Dondi Tavanlar
Manila, Philippines

im looking for information about insulation can anyone help?

Manila, Philippines

Attn: Does anyone knows Architect Wilfredo Legaspi Jr.? Pls let him contact me. Thank you..

Oscar Obre

i'm looking for an on the job training this summer. Can you e-mail me one?

Las Piñas City, Philippines

Hi all architects, im a fresh graduate and recently fresh from passing d january Architects licensure exams, Im from Cebu City, like all other new architects im looking for a job, Fellow architects if there are job oppurtunities pls msg me... THANKS! :)

Architect Arnold
Cebu City, Philippines

hi! im an incoming 5th yr student. im looking for a good thesis topic. can you help me?

Las Piñas, Philippines

It is a very good source for material specifications, but some of the contact numbers are not accessible.

Avigaile G. Genota

i produce computer rendered perspectives, could i possibly place a free advertisement.

Manila, Philippines

The site is very cool. although im not an architect in profession, i could very well say that this is a big help in both the practicing architects and the not so architects ones. its full packed in infos, lot of learning stuffs,and i think web programmer miss d is cute. stay cool!

Joseph Alejo
San Juan, Philippines

thanks you!

Reynaldo B. Mabelin

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Senior Architecture and Interior Design Manager. Must have years of experience in designing store outlets because he/she will be heading the Architecture/Interior Design Department which is in charge of designing the store outlets. This dept. is now staffed by junior architects and interior designers many of whom are fresh from college only and need somebody senior and very experienced to guide them. Excellent salary and benefits await the right candidate. Please contact: Chito Santos Senior Consultant MRl Worldwide Philippines, Inc. The World's Largest Search Organization chito.santos@mriph.com www.brilliantpeople.com www.mriww.com

Chito Santos
Makati City, Philippines

was looking to download some manufacturers cad drawings on raised access floors would be grateful to receive any such information

Craig Corder
Southampton England

I was wondering whether I can order the Casio EX-Z3 at Amazon through you? If so, how much would it cost me? Thank you.

Jaime Haw Jr.
Davao, Philippines

Thanks for providing the CAD drawings of Roca Toilets & other branded furniture drawings. I will definitely use these drawings for my projects. Looking forward to downloading more drawings from local suppliers & manufacturers!


Very helpful,very Impressive!!!

Arch. Red C. Avelino

hi!im incoming 5th yr achitecture.pls...help me to choice for my thesis proposal.thanz!!!

Manila, Philippines

I am an incoming 5th year student. I just want to ask if you could help me in finding an appropriate thesis proposal in our theme "eco-tech". thanks

Samantha V. Conde

hi!im incoming 5th yr this school yr.pls. help me to look for my thesis proposal,theme is "eco-tech". pls... Thankz!!!!pls...i need ur reply!ty!


hello there! juz wanna greet some of those i know, to Architect Judy David, galing mo naman, ala ako ma-say & to Architect Christopher Mirasol, ikaw ba yung naging consultant ko sa thesis, treasurer ka na pala, galing! yun lang...

Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines

good job!

Dennis Abude
Tacloban City, Philippines

Hi Jericho. What's the lowdown on small office practice project? I hope it will prosper very soon. I wanna say hi to all Silangan Chapter members and the rest of District A-3. More power to our President Arch Dennis P Rabe and the rest of the gang.

Arch. Boyet Jamandri
Quezon City, Philippines

tanong ko lang, kung ano ang mga details and requirements para sa interior design board review.... kaya niyo rin ba akong tulungan na makahanap ng job?... interesting ang webpage niyo

Las Piñas City, Philippines

hi!pls suggest if my thesis proposal could be significant?

Manila, Philippines

To UAP Palanyag Chapter President My original chapter since that Oath Taking in Sheraton Hotel circa 1984, unluckily I was not able to attend any Chapter Meetings nor Fellowship.In 1996 Archts. Vic Gamboa, Maribel Nanagad & Irene Ho of Diliman Chapter endorses me to said chapter & attended seminars and meetings, as far as I know I was not also confirmed. I was issued an I.D. on the last conf. in Manila Hotel with Diliman Chapter printed on it. My confusion is, on the Master List of Architects my name were still w/ Palanyag. Please clarify. Thanks & best regards.

Dexter R. Radores
Doha, Qatar