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The Data-Cooperative is an online resource that facilitates file sharing among Filipino architects. It aims to assist in the advancement of the Filipino architectural profession by making sharable digital files perpetually and easily available to all professionals online.

This repository of digital files will of course, start small, but it is envisioned to exponentially expand over time, as more and more people begin downloading files from this online resource and in turn, begin uploading their own files to contribute.

Branded Product Drawings
Homestore:    Aston Outdoor Tubs

American Standard:    Water Closets,   Brass Fittings,   Commercial Bathroom Fittings,   Wash Basins,   Bathroom Accessories,   Shower Fixtures,   Bathtubs,   Sensors

Asean Timber:    Doors,   Mouldings,   Stair Handrails and Ballusters,   Ceiling Walls and Floors

Europa Sanitary Wares, Inc. - Roca Brand:    Baths and Spas,   Basins,   Toilet Cisterns,   Other Ceramic Products,   Toilets,   Bidet

Kuysen Enterprises, Inc. - Teka Brand:    Kitchen Appliances,   Kitchen Sinks

PATECO:    Doors
CAD Maps of the Philippines
2D CAD Drawings
2D Entourage Figures
Links to other CAD Data Resources