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July 01, 2006

ABU Second Regular Tournament Kicks Off

Contributed by Architects Basketball Union

The Architect’s Basketball Union announces the opening of the second regular tournament this Saturday, July 01, 2006, at the FEU gym in Morayta. With a new set of officers led by President Oscar Molina, a revised games format that includes a wild card phase, and a team composed of veteran architect basketeers, ABU is looking forward to an exciting competition between 8 participating teams.

The tournament is backed by Boysen Paints, the Architect’s Basketball Union’s exclusive sponsor.

The following is a preview of the upcoming tournament that includes an analysis of each participating team. This was written by Architect Epoy del Rosario, an active ABU member:

June 13, 2006 - The bingo chips have been fished out of the bottle and players have been ranked, grouped and picked: Eight Teams have been formed, all set and ready to rumble in the 2nd Regular Tournament for 2006. Set to kick off on the 1 st of July, the excitement surrounding the upcoming games is at a fever pitch again, if the attendance at last Saturday's Player Lottery would be used as a barometer. Each and every player has the Basketball Jones, and all the teams can't wait to mix it up.

Yes, gentlemen and uhm.. gentlemen: win/loss slates have been wiped clean; it's a new start for every player and every team, and the quest for that elusive Tournament Gold Medal continues.
Pride. Glory. Bragging rights. Domination of the stage at the awarding ceremonies of the ABU Christmas Party. All these will be at stake once the teams start playing each other in July. Goals will be set. Hopes will be dashed, and dreams will either be broken or realized once the games start. Better put your game face on because this will be one hell of a tournament.

Here, then, are your eight competing teams. Prepare your game plans and visualize the attack.

Acrytex : Texture And Substance
Bannered by a solid frontline composed of marquee center Tennessee Ng with inside bangers Tonton Gonzales and Marvin Tesoro, Acrytex also boasts of a sure and steady backcourt: a potentially explosive tandem of Rodani Valdez and Derf Tubadeza, with reliable veterans Melvin Patawaran, Rudy Beltran and Johnson Ongking providing leadership and flexibility in the lineup. Christopher Co, Randy Lagahit and newcomer Tristan Capalla are expected to provide additional slashing and sniping from the outside. Under the guidance of its heady veterans and Team Leader Roger Ong, Acrytex is set on going deep into the tournament playoffs.

Elastikote : Brilliance Inside And Out
With players who are dangerous inside as they are from the perimeter, Elastikote poses matchup problems for opposing teams. Twin Towers Kenneth Uy and Paolo Olan, both equipped with a sweet shooting touch and a variety of moves around the post, are practically interchangeable at the center and power forward positions. Richard Tan will bring the added toughness inside, with comebacking Bernard De Guzman, Allen Gamallo, Evan Ong, Paolo Alberto and Mon Contreras spreading the floor with their grit and flexibility. Spitfirish point guard Mark Soriquez is at the helm, along with veteran shooters Albert Virgo and Manny Fernando.

Roofgard : In It To Win It
Perhaps the team that is clearly strong at every position, Roofgard is a solid favorite come tournament time. Every team that has Ross Reyes at center is almost always assured of entry into the playoffs. He is flanked by efficient forwards Andrew Ambatali, Davidson Teves, Seth Herrera and Calvin Lim, with Mike Pabulayan spreading opposing defenses with his three-point shooting. Throw in ultra-athletic swingman Arch Ong, savvy veterans Bryan Tan and Jerry Canuday, promising rookies Mike Halagao and Edison Lim into the mix, and top it with scorching streak-shooter Kelvin De Chavez, and you have a sure Final 4 bet.

Permacoat : Choke You To Submission
Loaded with solid contributors on both ends of the floor, Permacoat will most probably unleash a balanced attack when it takes to the floor. Anchored on the ever-reliable big man Nat Francisco, a swarm of blocks and steals threaten to engulf other teams with Gilbert Tamase, Joel Ratuita, Richard Ong, Jerico Bisnar, and veterans Roy Punla and Nelson Lao converting defensive gems into points at the other end. Permacoat also has an arsenal of shooters and slashers in Eric Ba n o, Jamon Calizo, Ferdie Santiago and Nick Rodriguez. Hustlers and gunners Neil Del Castillo and Dunhill Villaruel quarterback the dangerous Permacoat offensive.

Primeguard : Heart Always Counts For Something
Primeguard does not look strong on paper, as crafty veteran team leader Jojit Ubi n a pointed out last Saturday, but make no mistake about it: this team is ready to claw and scrap their way into contention. With dynamic forwards Vince Daulong and Drew Frondozo working hand-in-hand with hardworking big man Wilfred Gonzaga, Ubi n a hopes to form a cohesive unit when they combine with blue collar players Leo Mamaradlo, Anatolie Amper, Gil Laudiangco and Noel Delos Reyes. Additional offensive firepower would have to come from streaky guards Jay De Guzman, Buddy Loyola and Eugene Dagdag. It won't be an easy road, but Primeguard is primed for the challenges ahead.

Decore : Off To The Races
A team that looks very good on paper but has a glaring deficiency with the absence of a legitimate center, Decore hopes to force matchup problems by pushing the tempo and shooting the lights out at the FEU Gym. Led by the fiery Pippen-esque game of Richard Ortiz and Brian James Chiu's lights-out touch from the outside, the rest of the run and gun crew of Epoy Del Rosario, Jhun Tattao, Elmor Manalili, Jason Santos and fleet-footed Joseph Raz will try to break through in the open court with deft shooting and crisp passing. With efficient center Richard Chua and a cast of reliable hardworkers in Arman Carlos, Mike Fernandez and Rainier Payawan, Team Leader Dan Ansaldo has a group that hopes to scorch their way into the playoffs.

Xyladecor : So Good It's Not Even Funny
Prolific scorer Jonathan Galano is back after a long absence, this time to team up with inside bruiser Jeff Selecios and versatile forward Lester Ong to fortify Xyladecor's bid in the tournament.. The highly-touted triumvirate will have a solid supporting cast in scrappy Jojo Ison, John ‘Smiley' Santiago, Ambo ‘Ang Subo' Cabugayan and Robert Lagula. Quarterbacking chores will be shared by Joma Meonada and grizzled veteran Ronnie Combo, with lead guard Kenneth Trinidad providing extra firepower with steady shooter Brian Uy. Team Leader Max Cacapit will try to steer his young studs to victory each game.

Virtuoso : The Torch Has Not Been Passed Yet
Say what you will about this motley crew of veterans, these self-proclaimed ‘Old-Stars', but one thing is for sure each and every time you step on the court with Virtuoso: they are installed as the favorites to win the whole thing, not your team. A veritable ‘who's who' of ABU greatness and basketball lore, this collection of crafty and fundamentally sound veterans is out to prove to the young guns that their best years of playing basketball are definitely not behind them.

At the forefront of the attack is tough and wily Alex Evangelista, the ageless, baby-faced boy wonder Pankoy Sta. Romana, the uncontainable Ed Casares, and the dynamic duo of Randy Go and Jun Roberto. Should that starting lineup fail to strike fear into opponents' hearts, Virtuoso can go deep in their roster to unleash the nylon-ripping shooting touch of Simon Mangio, the court savvy of Kenneth Fresnoza, my idol Tapal King Michael Tomeldan, plus Bruise Brothers Albert Yu and Jonel Kho. Mike Lopez, Ronald Motus and Darius Sadioa provide invaluable support to this cast of legends. Led by the cunning coaching tandem of Oca “The Oak” Molina and Serge Chua, both more than able players themselves, and you can expect for an all-out battle for the W with each Virtuoso game on the schedule.