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August 24, 2012

Stainless steel Millenniumtiles for Roof & Wall Cladding

Contributed by Egner Building Technologies Inc.

STAINLESS Steel Millennium Tiles offers performance, beauty and style. Ideal for a wide variety of roofing facades, siding and decorative feature wall applications, the tiles gives unsurpassed protection to a project’s creative vision. Manufactured from premium grade ASTMA 240 in 304/316 stainless steel using an exclusive and time-proven Systems™ interlocking design, Millennium Tiles gives residential and commercial projects an elegant appeal. In terms of green aspects, these tiles contain on average more than 75% recycled stainless steel and can be recycled again if ever removed. They can also be applied over existing asphalt, eliminating the need to send more waste to landfills. A unique colouring process that draws colour from within the stainless steel itself is used to create permanent, multi-faceted hues that do not fade, peel or chip. Bronze, wheat, slate, purple, blue, red, green, and plum are the some of the artistic colours obtained by a prismatic colouring process. This colouring process enhances corrosion resistance of the stainless steel and creates slight colour variations, giving the tiles natural appearance as well as aesthetic beauty and to dynamically reflect their environment.

Furthermore, Stainless Steel Millennium Tiles feature a unique “shadow cup” which allows a person to walk on the tile, add textures and reduces noise. Lighter, stronger, smaller in scale than other metal roofing products and offered in a range of permanent colours that won’t crack, chip, peel or face, Stainless Steel Millennium Tiles, offer an endless array of design options. Its colour resistance, strength to endure 250km/hour wind speed and complete protection against ultra-violet light, will give any project a timeless classic appearance. With their combination of extreme durability and design versatility makes these metal tiles maintenance-free and easy to install. The tiles are available in standard size of 0.5mm x 381mm x 231mm and provide a 10-year warranty. Many famous landmarks testify to the endurance of the stainless-steel roofing and facade cladding including New York’s Chrysler Building (1928) in NYC and the St. Louis Arc, Missouri (1964).