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July 17, 2012

LIXIL Asia Launches in Manila

Contributed by American Standard Philippines Limited, Co.

This is a significant development in the LIXIL Group’s vision to become a global leader in the building materials and housing equipment industry. Today, LIXIL has global reach in 31 countries including China, India, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar, having a workforce of more than 75,000.

LIXIL Asia, through its Philippine subsidiary, American Standard Philippines Ltd. Co. (ASPLC), is set to bring a fuller suite of housing and construction solutions to homes and buildings.

Toshimasa Iue, CEO of LIXIL Global Company, which is in charge of LIXIL’s overseas business operation excluding Japan, says, “LIXIL aims for global development focusing on local needs. Based on product technology, design, and quality that we have cultivated in Japan, we will provide housing equipment which is needed by the local people, and offer safe and comfortable housing, by the hands of talented local staff in each area.”

“LIXIL plans to expand its sales to US$37.5 billion in FY 2015, of which US$ 12.5 billion will come from overseas sales. One of the key measures to achieve this target is business development in Asia. In particular, we place high expectations on Product Business in ASEAN countries. LIXIL is looking at these countries as its high-growth area in the medium term,” Iue adds.

LIXIL Asia has been set up precisely to streamline the company’s subsidiaries and offer customers efficient all-in-one packages. “This strategic move by LIXIL Corporation puts us one very significant step closer to becoming a global leader, based on our continuing rapid growth and profitable financial results in the Asia Pacific region,” says Kenneth Ng, CEO of LIXIL Asia. “With the synergy created through the formation of LIXIL Asia, we will be able to fully utilize our existing brands in different market segments to better meet customers’ emerging and diverse needs.”

The brands carrying LIXIL across the world already enjoy high recognition and exceptional brand values in their own right. LIXIL Asia hopes to create greater synergy and a variety of new product categories, including toilet and wash basin, faucets, tubs, tiles, windows and sashes, kitchens, and wooden doors. All these building materials can now be offered in all-in-one packages by any one of the subsidiaries.

The one-stop solution draws on LIXIL’s fully consolidated functions and the best dedicated service teams in the industry. Customers will enjoy a greater range of products, and stakeholders will have a more efficient and broad-shouldered partner to deal with, delivering a win-win situation for all involved.

“The brands and product series LIXIL Asia represents will immensely benefit, not only through continuous investment, but also through additional support, resources, experience, and advanced technologies that will be shared across the brands,” Ng adds. “A stronger and sleeker LIXIL Asia can then pass on logistical and managerial savings to our customers.”


LIXIL Corporation was formed through the merger of the five major manufacturing companies—Tostem Corporation, Inax Corporation, Shin Nikkei Company Ltd., Toyo Exterior Co. Ltd., and Sun Wave Corporation—on April 1, 2011. Today it is the largest housing-related manufacturer in Japan and is affiliated with a multitude of subsidiaries in charge of sales, manufacturing, maintenance, and other services including 30 sites overseas. Its holding company, LIXIL Group Corporation, is a listed company and also engages in the real estate and retail distribution segments. LIXIL seeks continued growth under the LIXIL management philosophy, as a comprehensive housing and living environment solutions provider.

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