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July 17, 2012

Lixil Eyeing $337.5-Billion Sales in 2015, Asia Seen as Catalyst

Contributed by American Standard Philippines Limited, Co.

LIXIL Corp., a Japan-based manufacturer and seller of building materials, housing equipment and related products, sees it business development on Asia as a key to achieving its target sales of $37.5 billion in 2015.

“Lixil aims for global development focusing on local needs. Based on technology, design and quality that we have cultivated in Japan, we will provide housing equipment which is needed by the local people and offer safe and comfortable housing by the hands of talented local staff in each area,” Toshima Iue, chief executive officer (CEO) of Lixil Global Co., said.

From the 37.5 billion, Lixil expects to earn $12.5 billion from outside of Japan primarily from Asian countries, which the company sees as a high growth area.

“With the synergy created through the formulation Lixil Asia, we will be able to utilize our existing brands in different market segment to better meet customers emerging and diverse needs,” said Kenneth Ng, CEO of Lixil Asia.

Lixil Asia through its Philippine subsidiary, American Standard Philippines—a leading provider of bathroom and kitchen solutions—will convey a complete set of housing and construction solution to homes and buildings. American Standard Philippines can also consider the development of a building materials and housing equipment manufacturing facility in the country.

Lixil is eyeing about $100 million in revenues from the Philippines, believing in the big potential of the country because of its robust construction phase.

“We will explore the potential for manufacturing in the Philippines,” Ng said. Lixil believes that expanding their business in Asia is a step closer to their goal of becoming a global leader.

Lixil has a work force of more than 75,000 and has a market reach 31 countries including China, India, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar.