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July 17, 2012

Fixture Manufacturer Rides on Property Boom

Malaya, 12 July 2012, Business Insight A-3

Contributed by American Standard Philippines Limited, Co.

JAPAN-BASED Lixil Corp., manufacturer and seller of building materials, housing equipment, and related materials, is riding on the property boom in the Philippines with the launch of Lixil Asia in the country.

Lixil Asia, through its Philippine subsidiary, American Standard Philippines Ltd. Co. (ASPLC), is set to bring a fuller suite of housing and construction solutions to homes and buildings.

Toshimasa Iue, chief executive officer of Lixil Corp., said the company would be offering more than toilet, bathroom, faucets, and other fixtures but also tiles, window sashes, wooden doors, flooring materials and even modular kitchens.

Iue said Lixil sees the potential of the business for fixtures as the property market in the Philippines experiences a boom.

Kenneth Ng, chief executive officer of Lixil Asia, said the company would also bring to the Philippines its innovative technology and low-energy solutions.

Lixil officials have been meeting major property developers the past days where they saw opportunities to expand the business.

Ng said Lixil would be able to help property developers convert their office or residential units to sellable livable areas through the delivery of high quality fixtures.

Ng said over the medium term, Lixil will explore the potential of manufacturing in the Philippines which offers competitive cost to manufacture compared to China where operations become expensive.

“We would welcome a big investment here as we see a big potential. Just stay tuned,” he said.

Lixil in the Philippines through American Standard would continue to import its products from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, and Japan.

“Lixil aims for global development focusing on local needs. Based on product technology, design, and quality that we have cultivated in Japan, we will provide housing equipment which is needed by the local people, and offer safe and comfortable housing, by the hands of talented local staff in each area,” Ieu said.

Globally, Lixil plans to expand its sales to $37.5 billion in FY 2015, of which $12.5 billion will come from overseas sales. One of the key measures to achieve this target is business development in Asia.

Without providing numbers, American Standard officials said the company has been experiencing double digit growth in sales the past seven years in the Philippines.