July 04, 2011

American Standard’s Bathroom Madness Sale in Full Swing

Contributed by American Standard Philippines Limited, Co.

Years of constant use cause bathrooms to lose their luster, and after five years bathrooms begin to look old and greasy no matter how frequently and scrupulously they’re cleaned. Renovating a bathroom can change the look and add a whole new feel to one of the house’s busiest areas.

The key to bathroom renovation is to break down exactly what you plan to do so that the project does not become overwhelming. So rather than just walking into a big box store and start buying as you go, draw up a list before doing any shopping. Are you changing the bathroom layout? Are you putting down new flooring, and if so what kind?Are you installing new light fixtures?Are you installing new fixtures from faucets to toilets and tubs? Perhaps most important, what is your budget?

With a bit of creativity and a lot of imagination, a bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be a budget-buster either. If gutting your bathroom and starting from scratch is not an option at the moment, think of ways to improve on what you already have, and come up with design ideas you can implement yourself. Get some help and inspiration from American Standard’s Bathroom Madness sale, which runs until July 13, 2011.

On top of the Smart Washer promo, which has been going on at all American Standard outlets and which offers Php 1,200 off on every purchase of the Smart Washer in exchange for your old toilet seats, American Standard is slashing 30 percent of on selected American Standard items in all home depot and DIY shops in the country - Wilcon, The Home Depot, and Handyman.

Hurry and enjoy substantial discounts on offer at American Standard's bathroom madness sale and share in the American Standard tradition of excellence that goes back more than 140 years. As the trusted name in bathroom and kitchen fixtures and plumbing for generations, American standard has always remained ahead of the innovation curve with features that make life easier - for example,toilets that don't clog, products that help keep themselves clean, and faucets that are easy to install all with reliable warranty.