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November 10, 2005

Philconstruct 2005 Exhibit runs from November 10-13, 2005 at WTC

Contributed by Adriano, Jericho Almario

PHILCONSTRUCT 2005, the 15th Philippine International Construction Equipment and Building Materials Exhibition was held from November 10 to 13, 2005 at the World Trade Center, Manila.

November 10, 2005

Estilo de Vida II at Philconstruct 2005

Contributed by Insigne, Kathryn

PHILCONSTRUCT 2005 also featured an exhibit among selected design students from various design colleges and universities entitled, "Estilo de Vida II, Modern Living for Less."

October 15, 2005

UAP-Ontario/Canada Chapter Welcomes Arch. Froilan Hong, FUAP

Contributed by Canlas, Elmer C.

UAP-Ontario/Canada Chapter welcomes Arch. Froilan Hong, FUAP

August 30, 2005

UAP-Manila Corinthian Chapter Conducts Lecture Forum on Ecological Solid Waste Management

The UAP-Manila Corinthian Chapter, lead by Arch. Chris dela Cruz-Emissary on Ecological Solid Waste Management, conducted a lecture forum on August 30, 2005 at the Graphics Studio of Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP)-Manila

August 13, 2005

2nd Leg of ABF Annual Tournament Brings Architect Participants to Makati

Contributed by Begonia, Mitch

The 2nd Leg of the 3rd Architects Badminton Federation Annual Badminton Tournament last Saturday, August 13, 2005 saw all of its architect-participants trooping to the Zone Badminton Courts in Makati

August 13, 2005

2nd Leg of ABF 3rd Annual Tournament Reveals More Intense Competition

Contributed by Begonia, Mitch

The 2nd leg of the Architects Badminton Federation 3rd Annual tournament held Saturday Aug. 13, 2005 at the Zone Badminton Courts in Makati saw hopeful participants giving their all in their quest to win their respective groups and class divisions.

August 06, 2005

ABF Tournament Opens at Centro Atletico

Contributed by Begonia, Mitch

The Architects Badminton Federation helds its opening ceremonies for the 3rd ABF Annual Tournament last Saturday Aug. 6, 2005 at the Centro Atletico Badminton Court.

August 03, 2005

UAP-Manila Corinthian Chapter Holds 1st Assembly

UAP-Manila Corinthian Chapter held its 1st General Membership Assembly dubbed as “Corinthian Unang Birit” last August 3, 2005 at the newly opened Exhibit Hall and Cafeteria of UAP Headquarters.

July 27, 2005

CREBA Expo 2005

Contributed by Borga, Bonnie Niña

For the 2005 CREBA Expo, the Chamber launched its first Homebuyers and Developers exhibit at the World Trade Center with the theme "Our World Under One Roof". The said ocassion celebrated two major events: the 2005 CREBA Expo and the Housing Conference Opening for all local goverment officials.