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The CYBER COMMUNITY of arkispecs.com is a cluster of various UAP chapters, architects' sports clubs, architectural students' organizations, special architectural committees, and other industry organizations.

Hosted Architects' Sports Club

Have you ever wondered what architects do when they want to take a break from work? If you're still thinking , then you must be one of those architects who have numerous projects and don't have time for recreation . However, even the busiest of people have to find time to unwind and recharge thier batteries. Maybe, it's time that you were introduced to sports clubs with the most amiable sports enthusiasts that you will ever get to meet. Sure, there are a few who play at the highest competitive level and many are as passionate about their sport as they are with their architecture, work, and ideas, but most of them just want to play and have fun. (Reprinted from the Souvenir Program of the 28th UAP National Convention, w/ permission from Arch. Michael Tomeldan, Souvenir Committee Chairman)

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