Jonathan O. Gan & Associates
Jonathan O. Gan & Associates
The firm is committed to he pursuit of excellence in design, technical expertise and professionalism in all disciplines. The strength of the firm lies in providing a framework within which each individual can specialize and develop their own particular skills, combining these complimentary skills to form a cohesive whole. This dedication necessitates a professional attitude in vigorously analyzing and interpreting all information. The firm seeks to combine their commitment with equally determined clients and consultants.

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10 St. Paul Street, Horseshoe Village, Q.C.
Arch. Jonathan O. Gan, UAP - Principal Architect & Managing Partner
Arkishop, Inc.
Emerald Vinyl Corporation
American Standard Philippines Limited, Co.
Canon Marketing (Phils.), Inc.
Cobblecrete Philippines Inc
InteriCAD Philippines, Inc.
MarkLine Home Furniture & Decors
Arkispecs, Inc.